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Yeah, I mean why doesn't everybody dig through the kernel sources on Windows when they encounter a bug like that?

The vast majority of Linux users will never poke around the source to the Kernel ferreting out a bug, but they do have the option. On Windows it's much harder to get access without being a Microsoft employee.

It does not end with the kernel. Of course it is possible to run proprietary software on Linux and OSS software on Windows, but I have rarely had to deal with proprietary software in Linux. That is only in small part because I avoid it.

I'm not a kernel hacker. But I have on occasion cracked open the source for some product on which I relied to find out why it was behaving contrary to my expections. Much more I have done that with a library upon which I was relying.

Many many times more often I have sought answers from authors or experts of a lib, etc. to clarify what I didn't understand from documentation.

All of this is easier and frendlier with open systems. MS is coloring itself more open recently, but they and the ecosystem built upon them and around them have a long way to catch up. From my perspective the gap is so large and so pervasive that I don't even bother kicking the tires any more. I don't know if MS will make it there in my productive lifetime. If they do, I think the ground will have to have shaken dramatically so many times that it will get my attention. So, I will continue to ignore them until then.

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