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AD isn't just for Windows, which would be weird since it is mostly a fancy key value store (with associated functions and services of course). SSSD for example can use AD. The problem is that Linux itself doesn't support the same functionality client side, which using a configuration manager doesn't really solve. And question wasn't if you have used AD, but if you have managed Linux desktop deployments without it. Since your claim is that it is better.

I'm in the process of bulding a solution for managing all three OS'es. AD is not on the table because theres nothing to do with kerberos in our network and AD would be a "windows only" solution.

Why is AD a Windows only solution? Large corporations and startups use it to run tens of thousands of Macs and Linux machines in addition to Windows. In fact, I can't think of a single large company that does not use it. Its basically the core for many.

Linux can totally run in a AD domain with auth managed by AD. Client side SMB is also not bad. But you are excluding Kerberos for some unrelated reason, right?

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