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I want more "kinds" of operating systems. It is ripe time to look forward to building ones not based on Unix, files, forks and execs. I want to explore different ideas which were not tested because Unix model became popular.

There is a lot to explore on the side of Smalltalk machines, Oberon, Lisp Machines of old. As a developer, live programming language based environments is my kind of thing.

Sure, but an OS that can't run a browser (i.e. it's difficult to port to) is going to have a massive adoption hurdle.

I was a big fan of the QNX demo floppy (1.44MB OS with browser), but that didn't lead to me using it on the desktop. http://toastytech.com/guis/qnxdemo.html

It's too bad that web browsers are so complicated and expensive to port.

There might be room for something new and different that runs on it's own VM (like Smalltalk) and can use libraries on the host to get things that do not make sense re-implementing, like a web browser. If it gains sufficient traction, the work to move it to a more stripped down environment would be clearly worth it.

You might like https://github.com/froggey/Mezzano, Common Lisp operating system.

You forgot to mention TempleOS :) Made from scratch (incl language & compiler), main interface is a shell in the same language the OS is written, designed for recreational programming...

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