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Yes, but in the same way companies are still running XP. There is zero chance there will be new releases of Windows Server a decade from now. Microsoft itself is starting to host its services on Linux.

I don't see a Linux version of Exchange or Active Directory yet. For internal email, it's pretty much Exchange or GTFO.

OpenLDAP, Postfix/Dovecot?

Not a fully integrated email and calendaring solution that can be set up and administrated by typical overworked corporate IT staff. Completely unacceptable.

Then what about iRedMail? Isn't that sort of an all-in-one wrapper around Postfix/Dovecot and some other stuff?

And all the other stuff?

It's been less than a year since the last release of OS/2, I think we're a long ways away from the last release of Windows for servers.


Your statement reminds me of a well known tech pundit (Cringely?) who predicted in 2012 that Windows client would die in 2017.

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