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> There is no person watching you. There is no intelligence judging you. There are a series of conditions in a deterministic system provoked by your actions.

I don't think it's creepy because there's a (theoretical) person watching me, I think it's creepy because they're cataloguing all my actions in a systemic was which pierces the veil of perceived privacy (mostly through anonymity).

> I dunno where you are but I'm in the US which is most definitely not "a market economy" without a whole hell of a lot of qualifiers.

I'm not sure how to respond to this without a specific criticism of how you think it's incorrect. That said, it's somewhat tangential to the point, even if it would be an interesting conversation.

> Roughly as many, I imagine, as folks who realized the shopkeeper could see them enter and leave.

I don't know. If every time I entered my local 7-eleven someone picked up a clipboard, flipped to a specific page, looked back at me, nodded to their self and then marked something on the page, I might decide to go somewhere else, at least most the time. If I knew the info was shared with all the other 7-elevens, and the local grocery chain, and some hardware stores, that makes me want to use all the places less.

> This is just flatly false. I don't know what you're thinking writing this, but it's clearly neglecting copyright and patents. For what it's worth, I think the later is a bad system an the former is in desperate need of reform to sharply limit it.

I said "this" to qualify what I was referring to (personal information) and distinguish it from other types of protected information, of the type you reference.

> To some extent, there is just no undoing this. Society will have fewer secrets and those secrets will be much more deliberate, and the only response that can work is to change your attitude.

I don't think that's the only response that can work. It's the only one that works completely, as deciding to not care is always a solution to caring, if you can pull it off.

The alternative is new laws. Are they perfect? No. Will they solve the problem adequately? Likely not. Do they have a chance of making a positive difference across the board for massive amounts of people by empowering them with regard to their own information? I dunno. Maybe? I think it's worth pushing for though. Otherwise, why do we have minimum wage and labor laws? At some point we could have thrown our hands up and said "screw it" about that stuff, but people pushed for it, and while they aren't perfect, I think we're all better off for them.

I don't believe there will be any perfect solution to this ever, or even a good or acceptable solution all that soon. I do think it's still worth raising my voice over, because I think there are some possible futures that are better than others with regard to privacy and personal information, and I think that's worth pushing towards.

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