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I enjoyed reading what you said as a different perspective on the backend of ad technology vs privacy up until this comment thread.

I didn't build a profitable social consumer business in Europe after compliance, but I was part of a team that implemented compliance for a long existing company within the US due to them having clients and client's clients in Europe. They're profitable. Do you want my term sheet? Or are you weakly attempting to flex while complaining that people's basic right to privacy is preventing you from earning obscene amounts of money?

As I’ve mentioned I think elsewhere in the thread I left that business in no small part because it didn’t feel right to be in anymore. It was at a significant cost. I’m really lost on where in the thread I started to sound like a shill for business practices I (knowledgeably) don’t care for.

What do you estimate the implementation costs of GDPR are? I've seen some research that put the numbers in the 10's of billions IIRC

It feels like a regulatory moat for the big players who can afford it. Sorta like a complex VAT policy.

Those numbers are for existing companies who have been hoarding and selling user data with utter disregard to existing laws and user privacy.

If you do everything right from the start, the costs are minuscule.

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