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You’re commenting on HN, you know it’s there.

I'm commenting on HN. I've been developing for the web for 24 years. I don't know how and when my data is collected or shared most of the time.

The idea that FB and Google are openly making a trade with users is ludicrous. I'm horrified that you either sincerely believe that there's a fair negotiation happening or that you don't care (given your employment history).

And what about the other 99.99999% of people that use the web? Do they also understand what is going on behind the scenes?

I'm here, and struggle to follow many of the threads on HN. As a father, I don't really see how I can effectively prepare my kids for a surveillance internet.

I didn't, but assume this is the case with everything. I mostly care about giving my data away for free (cut me in please), but none of my non-HN commenting roommates knew. Is their privacy less important than mine?

I do, and I can make an informed choice. Unless your website has a very eclectic audience, I’m not the only one using your services.

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