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I don't even use a VPN and have lots of issues solving google's captcha...

Potential other causes

- Your ISP is a source of a lot of malicious traffic

- You have some browser extension or other adjustments that makes it harder to analyse you as a genuine web browser

For example, using a browser automation like Selenium testing triggers "hard" reCAPTCHA. Not sure if this because of some automated API that Selenium exposes, or just because your browser profile looks virgin (no cookies) without any prior reCAPTCHA solves.

I use pretty standard extensions... uBlockO, decentral eyes, smart referrer... I just wish that companies would stop using Google's reCAPTCHA service.

Also my IP address rarely changes and I don't think that any malicious traffic is coming from it.

And I have Comcast, so I hope that they didn't blacklist all of us...

(I did talk bad about Google a few times though, maybe that's it)

Those aren’t extensions that an average user would install.

Just Smart Referer alone is a likely culprit. Masking or having no referer is a prime attribute for low-level bots.

oh... so i should not be able to use any websites because of the extensions I use?

You should not be able to use any website that the host doesn't want you to use. That seems pretty straightforward. There's a strong correlation between profiles that look like yours and bots. Why should the web admin do free labor for you to put together a sufficiently nuanced bot-detection system to tell the difference, when the one they have is clearly good enough for them?

Stop using smart referrer. It has no legitimate purposes. Referrer URLs are not the problem. You look like a bot and you going to get locked out of sites.

If you're actually concerned about that kind of data leakage, you want NoScript, full stop.

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