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> Since reCAPTCHA v3 scripts must be loaded on every page of a site, you must send Google your browsing history and detailed data about how you interact with sites in order to access basic services on the internet, such as paying your bills, or accessing healthcare services.

> If you'll refuse to transmit personal data to Google, websites will hinder or block your access.

I wonder how true this really is. 20% or so of web users have ad blockers, and most ad blockers block scripts like Google Analytics out of the box. It isn't hard to see that most of them will not make exceptions for a new Google tracking script. So any site that does any kind of testing at all is going to see that ~15% or so of their users drop off if they block users who don't have a reCaptcha v3 score. The only sane business decision in response to this is to go with some alternative.

(Of course, there will be some sites that continue to block users, it's just that they will mostly be the sites that already block users running ad blockers.)

Even UBO doesn't block ReCaptcha by default, so I don't see Rv3 being added to easylist anytime soon.

It doesn't block it because it's generally not active on all pages of a site. The description of v3 sounds more like Google Analytics and will probably be treated similarly.

I find a v3 block to be unlikely for the same reason v2 isn't in easylist - too much friction for the list users. Websites will likely break completely when performing actions if they don't receive any sort of verify token from the browser. It would probably be best to have a list for recaptcha v3 as a built-in optional filter so that users know they've enabled it and know why websites might be breaking.

On the other hand, the lists haven't removed ad / tracker blocking for sites that block ad block users. I still see "disable adblock to view this site" occasionally. I think leaving rules in place that result in blocked access to sites, but letting through Google tracking scripts on every page because it results in the same would be a huge misjudgment on the part of the list maintainers.

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