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I’m more concerned that they’re designing the next version of the Web right under our noses than that they know what kind of sneakers I’m 8% more likely to buy.

However, I’m concerned that the data also allows them to see that I am 93% more likely to vote for a certain political candidate, 22% more likely to contract a chronic disease in the next ten years, and 16% more likely that I will have a friend that homosexual.

I'm not thinking about ad delivery, I'm thinking about behavioral analysis. Knowing how a person thinks and acts can be a very useful weapon in the wrong hands, and FB and the like have done nothing to make me think their hands are the right ones (I don't think any are really.)

I'm not sure where to add this comment, but I just wanted to briefly say that I appreciate your contributions to this topic. Both in terms of content and tone/delivery. These seem like constructive and valuable comments to me, so thanks!

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