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It should probably be noted that this Firefox Preview they are announcing doesn't yet have Add-On support.

But I agree, uBlock Origin makes the mobile web far less painful. Also, I'll point out that you want to be using uBlock Origin, not uBlock. As I recall, Raymond Hill (the creator of uBlock) decided to hand over uBlock Firefox to one of the contributors to offload some of the maintenance burden but then the new owner immediately started trying to monetize it which prompted him to create uBlock Origin.

Last time I checked, Raymond Hill's website didn't even have a donation button. This is an incredibly generous stance for him to take but if he doesn't want money himself maybe he could collect funds for a charity. I really feel I owe someone for this software.

Raymond outlines his reasons for refusing donations on the ublock wiki, if anyone is curious: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Why-don't-you-accept-...

One thing he (rightfully) points out is that the real power of ad-blocking solutions comes from the community-maintained blocking lists. In theory one could manually block every url they run across, but in practice we can use these tools (or a tool like pi-hole) almost effortlessly.

Can't he just accept donations while also maintaining the same 'no expectation' attitude ?

Isn't it what donation is ?

on the other hand, political "donations"

Or just simply called donation

In theory I could do every computation my CPU does, but I don't want to.

It's free (libre) software; you don't owe anyone. Eventually you will encounter a bug or translation/documentation error in some free software; taking some time to fix that would help everyone. And so would making software to fix a problem and then releasing it under a free license.

It might not happen in the near future, but chances are eventually you'll get to contribute something. And even if you don't, just accept uBO as a gift from a nice person.

He wants people to donate to the people compiling the block lists.

I just have blockade installed and have ad blockimg acroos all my apps.

FF with add-ons run noticeable slower than brave.


In my experience the built-in tracking protection (now enabled by default) does a pretty good job.

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