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What other reasons do you think the original post was implying for Google to collect all this data?

I think the implication was that the leadership is hanging onto all that data because of an immediate fiduciary obligation. I suspect that it’s more in the nature of when you’re running a business in which a few hundred million QPS is slow that you archive in case it ever becomes useful.

Unless the point of your comment was to deny that Google is collecting this data at all (because, according to you, there's no financial incentive), I don't see the relevancy of your criticism. The complaint of the top level comment was that Google is collecting extremely personal data on us. Your response is that Google doesn't have an immediate financial incentive to do this. If you're not actually denying that Google collects this data, why does that matter? For most of us, the fact that our personal data has some financial value to a corporation is irrelevant to the fact that we don't want them to have it.

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