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This is still a preview, it's nowhere near a finished product. Extensions come after MVP https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/662#issuecomm...

There is no minimum viable product here. The MVP was the first usable mobile Firefox. A version of Firefox without extension support is just broken.

(minimum viable product)

Isn't it strange that the big flash announcement comes before MVP?

This release is what they termed MVP. Everything after it is post-MVP. It means minimum viable product. In my personal opinion, a lot more functionality was included than what most would call an MVP.

The big flash announcement is to get early adopters for testing. There's no reason to delay testing until the MVP is ready, as long as testers remain aware that Firefox Preview is a preview that shouldn't be expected to already have all features implemented.

It's just that, for me and a bunch of other people, we would be happy to test a preview if we could compare it against our current browsers. We can't, because

advertising is an abomination that destroys the utility of the internet

and so there's no fair comparison.

Yes, that's what "viable" means. Viable for big flashy announcement.

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