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> Since reCAPTCHA v3 scripts must be loaded on every page of a site, you must send Google your browsing history and detailed data about how you interact with sites in order to access basic services on the internet, such as paying your bills, or accessing healthcare services.

I don't believe this is true. You only need to include the JavaScript on pages which actively use the reCAPTCHA score. For example, you might only include it on the login and user registration pages.

Did you read the article?

> To make this risk-score system work accurately, website administrators are supposed to embed reCaptcha v3 code on all of the pages of their website, not just on forms or log-in pages.

Google recommends that you include the code on multiple pages, however, it makes it clear in the official docs that this is absolutely NOT required for the reCAPTCHA v3 system to work.

So if the article stated that websites were required to put the code on multiple pages (as the comment I replied to did) then the article is factually incorrect.

Isn't the idea that they can decide whether it's a user or a bot based on what the user does in general, not just whether their browser executes JS on this page that you want to protect?

Running headless chrome is trivial, so just having it sit on the one page where you need to check it won't help much. Collecting more data on the user's action on your site will provide a much clearer picture, much like a video from somebody walking through a store will help you make a decision about whether he's trying to steal something than a single picture of him standing at the check out.

The big "if" here is whether or not Google is actually factoring the user's activity into the score. For all we know, there could be a 80/20 split between "Google account activity" and "human-like behavior on website" when Google outputs a trust score.

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