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>You can hardly blame anyone for blocking Tor traffic.

Yes I can and do. It's bad enough that some websites won't let you do certain things over Tor, but preventing access to the website entirely is unacceptable. I made this account and comment entirely over Tor.

I don't see how it's okay to block Tor. That generic claim is made, but how are your spam measures doing if you couldn't handle Tor spam?

>You might not be using it for abuse but a large volume of abuse originates from it.

There is infinitely more ''abuse'' coming from Google, and yet it seems most every page I visit contains Google malware.

On principle, I hold the idea that Tor should be a first-class citizen and not disadvantaged in any way. Notice that Google's ''HTTP/3'' is over UDP, which Tor doesn't work with; I don't find that a coincidence.


> like all IP addresses that connect to our network, we check the requests that they make and assign a threat score to the IP. Unfortunately, since such a high percentage of requests that are coming from the Tor network are malicious, the IPs of the Tor exit nodes often have a very high threat score.

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