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Does not work with Tor.

The plugin requires "privacy passes". Those passes can be obtained by solving captchas, but when trying to do so, one is greeted with this message about being blocked: https://i.imgur.com/qXJfl6J.png

Slightly off-topic, but the users who use Tor regularly, how do you do that? For me, it has been terribly slow every time I tried to use it.

On Tor I get roughly 700 KB/s speeds, which isn't terrible for me

And what is that compared to any regular browser?

Try rebuilding your Tor circuit when this happens.


This sort of breaks tor though, doesn't it? Tor works really well if you stay on the same circuit for a while since it reduces the chances you have a compromised circuit. If you start getting recaptcha to block every exit node except those you control, you essentially have amplified your effective strength on the tor network.

Tor is already broken for an adversary with that capability.

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