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I'm a happy user of both Firefox Focus and Firefox mobile, I don't know what could they improve but I'll give it a look.

About Firefox focus, I love to have it as default browser when opening links, it gives me a lot of confidence to know that the session will be completely destroyed afterward. I'd miss it if it were to be discontinued.

A neat little thing I've discovered after installing the Preview is that Focus is still here.

You can toggle between the modes in one tap, and if you're in a private mode, opening links from other apps behaves just like Focus (minus the convenient "erase everything" button, at least for now).

It's the best of both worlds, I don't have to use a second one for those rare scenarios in which I want cookies (like remaining logged into HN).

Same usage here, and happy with it. Using both Firefox Focus and Firefox Android, Firefox Focus being the default browser

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