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I was the one who made the first transmission mentioned on the article. AMA

https://twitter.com/nvk/status/1101518677910810624 (and this one precedes that one https://twitter.com/nvk/status/1095354354289135617)

Ok, I'll bite: mind addressing the legality issues many of the other commenter have brought up? Because this looks like a great way to get a FCC fine.

1. I'm not in the USA and i'm licensed. You could say the ITU may take issue.

2. The spirit of the law is in regards to actual financial interest, this were meaningless amounts and also testnet.

3. Transactions were not actually done over Ham, the transaction data was relayed over ham and broadcasted via internet. (long history of HAM 3rd party message relay).

4. No encrypted messages were transmitted. (and encryption is allowed as long as the cypher is public)

5. The spirit of ham is technical experimentation.

6. These tests were intended for use in countries where the laws don't matter and or in emergencies. In case of emergency it would be allowed to make financial transactions and/or send encrypted messages.

I feel like most rhetoric around that is usual internet-lawyering. If Wired care to contact for comment there would have been some context added.

jkoberg 59 days ago [flagged]

> "in countries where the laws don't matter"

Race-to-the-bottom thinking, poor ethical reasoning, and just an excuse to engage in behavior frowned upon by the community.

> "In case of emergency it would be allowed to make financial transactions and/or send encrypted messages."

HAHAH no. "Emergency" is clearly defined and doesn't mean "can't reach my ATM". Executing your bitcoin transaction does not save life or limb.

He's saying that executing a bitcoin transaction could save life or limb, which justifies bending/breaking the rules to develop the technology to do it.

Would you mind reviewing the site guidelines and refraining from flamewar-style comments here?


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