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I find it funny that so often so many commenters on "Hacker" News are terrified of breaking the rules... Also, there's plenty of world outside of USA.

Originally the term 'hacking' was coined in MIT and had a positive connotation, referring to experts who have intricate knowledge of systems. PAGE 731 of the (ISC)2 official study guide states,"The original definition of a hacker is a technology enthusiast that does not have malicious intent whereas a cracker or attacker is malicious."


While I agree with your first comment, most ham radio rules are international.

I know next to nothing about ham radio, but I’m curious... who would enforce the rules at an international level?

The International Telecommunication Union (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Telecommunicatio... the body that governs these things at the international level.

Individual countries implement decisions taken at the ITU through laws and policy. Individual countries take care of enforcement. For instance, in the USA, that would be the FCC.

Each individual country is expected to enforce the rules on its own citizens. The FCC does so here in the US. If I remember right, but am on my phone, there are countries that are not party to the international rules (or don't have agreements with the us? I'm fuzzy) and (us) hams are not supposed to deliberately contact operators in those countries.

"Hacker" as in "Growth Hacker"... sigh.

Well, most people here are corporate and/or state bootlickers. I'm sorry you've been duped by this website's name. Regarding their USA-centrism, you shouldn't be surprised, after all it's mostly a Sillicon Valley hivemind, take that as you will.

I suggest searching greener pastures.

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