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There are a few books that will make you a better coder.

start with this ================ http://www.amazon.com/Practice-Programming-Brian-W-Kernighan...

Since you'll likely be in the web space read:

PHP cookbook Oreilly's Definitive guide to javascript O'Reilly Definitive guide to html & css O'Reilly books on the LAMP stack ox XAMPP stack

PHP ======= you can learn alot by reading the coding examples from the php manual


just google search "php man <search term>"

MySql ======== Most of the time you'll only be doing simply query, so you don't have to worry too much about query languages. You can copy & paste mysql code


Learn JQuery or MooTools, so you can do some AJAX =================================================

Download PHP Eclipse as your SDK ==========================================

Once you're down with those references play around with the Zend Framework

It's not hard at all. PHP is an easy coding language to learn. Though some employers want you to know ASP. B

I was in the same situation. I got laid off 6 months ago, and picked up PHP>HTML>CSS>JAVASCRIPT> reading Oreilly books (you can get them off bittorrent). I have don't have a tech background. My degree is in philosophy. I built my own website.



It just takes time, and ALOT of practice & coding error & learning from debugging.

Well, that's encouraging to hear you've made progress and success in a similar situation. Thanks for the tips and resources. JS seems important, so I'll work towards that. Cool site too...

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