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Introducing people.kernel.org (kernel.org)
127 points by Tomte 54 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

They say when introducing yourself, first impressions matter.

EDIT: after it finally loaded, looks like it's not kernel.org's fault for the hug of death per se, it seems to be hosted by a third party, write.as[0].

[0] https://write.as/

Indeed, this is running on our new Teams [0] infrastructure, so HN is giving us some good real-world testing :) Performance issues should be fixed now.

[0] https://write.as/for/teams

For anyone who was as confused as I was by this, from the root of the site, in the header, click "Reader" to see the actual blogs and posts from the different authors. The navigability of this site needs some work, I would say.

people.kernel.org is also a full blown ActivityPub instance, so you can see the content posted by subscribing via Mastodon or Pleroma...

Is there an RSS feed of the content available, or is this a "make it a part of your daily ritual by clicking on this bookmark when you think something new might have been posted" deal?

There is an RSS feed, your RSS reader should be able to autodetect the RSS url automatically.

Thanks, I did try but The Old Reader told me "No feeds found by that keyword or URL" so I guess between looking around the page for the usual RSS icon and me optimistically pasting the URL into The Old Reader the site died. I'll try later.

That works, thanks. As does: https://people.kernel.org/read which seems to have more articles.

Looks like rss feeds are per blog, so just append /feed/ to any author's blog root. I can't find a mechanism to get a feed with all authors content however.

Ex: https://people.kernel.org/monsieuricon/feed/

I was already wondering where Linus would post his occasional blog now that Google+ has gone belly up.

I tried using tusk to follow the blogs using my mastodon.social account... I can see the profiles, but I can't see any post.

This is how Mastodon works, unfortunately -- it doesn't pull in old posts. But now that you're following the blogs, you'll start seeing any new posts that come in.

writefreely doesn't provide a public feed, it only one-off sends to servers that subscribe to it

Biggest take away for me was writefreely. Looks like a viable simpler alternative to WordPress, I will definitely give it a try.

> Looks like a viable simpler alternative to WordPress, I will definitely give it a try.

As someone who already tried it, I'd call it more of a Medium alternative. Or, at least, what Medium should have been.

Zero pop-ups, actually clutter-free reading experience, and an opportunity to not just host individual blogs (although that is certainly a feasible use case), but to also bring a community together, run a publication, and give the readers the freedom to consume the content in which ever way they'd like (website, decentralized social networks like Mastodon, RSS reader etc).

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