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It doesn't need government intervention. It needs other companies to hold them accountable.

Oh geez looks like the other companies aren't holding them accountable and the government shouldn't hold them accountable so I guess they just aren't accountable for causing broad swathes of economic damage because they were lazily managing their networks.

The system works!

Absolutely. If you are a Verizon service provider customer, please call them and register your feelings on this matter. Make sure you let them know in no uncertain terms that you are considering switching providers based on their lack of following best practices.

And will do so, once another provider becomes available in your area.

I did this yesterday, I called and expressed strong concern over Verizon's incident response and BGP security in general. I said I would not longer even want to be a FiOS customer, let alone business customer if I know that Verizon doesn't do basic prefix filtering on their BGP peers/customers.

I was careful not to berate/blame the T1 support people who have no clue what BGP is or even that an incident happened, but I tried to express the severity of the issue well enough that they would escalate a serious complaint to the network infra team.

I think that may be a little too subtle for the parent, but well done.

And enjoy their fantastic Super Complaint Automation Tasker system, which takes your valuable feedback and "$1 > /dev/null"

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