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One would think Cloudflare team would have a direct line of communication to all tier 1 Internet providers.

We thought we did. And tried both public and private lines of communication — without reply. Still waiting.

The lack of communication is the bit that justified blog scorching for me.

If everyone was working in good faith, professional courtesy.

But not being able to get someone on the phone? Wtf?

Glad the original provider was responsive and able to resolve. And hats off to your poor reliability engineers today.

I love the inclusion of the "help4u@verizon.com" address in the email attempting to get their attention on a Severity 0 event. It was worth a shot!

We tweeted at @Verizon and @VerizonSupport also.

Could always announce a few of their routes and wait for them to call you I guess? :)

Arrange to drop all traffic from Verizon

Then wait just as long to pick up the phone

The sheer amount of calls taken would cost them money, the only thing they actively seem to notice

Brutal. Should do that for those that don't meet a voted-upon (no veto's allowed) deadline for implementing the mitigation(s).

So what's the over/under on Verizon actually picking up?

Hats off to Verizon for treating everyone equally without discrimination.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the phone company." - Verizon, probably

It's good to know that Net Neutrality isn't dead.

'Can you hear me now?'


'Can you hear me now?'


'Can you hear me now?'

6 hours later, when the 9-5p NOC wakes up....

'Can you hear me now?'

Oh, you were talking. Whoops!


Thanks for the excellent write-up.

Thank you all at Cloudflare for your attention to detail. I'm currently rethinking my stance of years believing you were crimeflare. I do hope Verizon responds and everyone can learn from this.

Makes me wonder whether Cloudflare will start running quarterly drills with all their alerting peers.

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