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Great article! A couple missing periods at the ends of paragraphs FYI.

I'm curious why so much of this lies on Verizon's shoulders. Couldn't DQE and Allegheny have implemented the exact same best practices that Verizon should have, so it never leaked to Verizon's level? And to the extent non-Verizon subscribers were affected, couldn't their ISPs have implemented the same best practices in distrusting Verizon? Is Verizon directly responsible for routing that much of global traffic?

I'm not very knowledgeable on network routing, so be warned.

But I think at some point a network peering with verizon trusts it to route things, i.e., if I as an ISP always go through verizon to deliver traffic to cloud flare then it's out of my hands the route they take.

As for downstreams adding mitigation, ideally this would happen, but I would think you should place blame proportionally to the resources and criticality. A ten person ISP won't necessarily do everything right, and it shouldn't matter that they do, since there's a small part of the internet.

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