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Show HN: Ludigraphix, geometry-oriented vector drawing software for Mac (ludigraphix.org)
106 points by Rexxar 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 33 comments

It'd be really, really sweet if this exported the drawings to CoreGraphics code (swift or objc). I'm really looking forward to giving this a try when I have some free time and a bit of cash.

It's an interesting idea. I will have to look at it in the future.

This is similar to Vector Graphics Complexes: https://www.vgc.io/

How is it similar? VCG seems to be about time varying topologies for animation. Ludigraphix seems to be about hierarchical relationships between geometries with a fixed topology.

Apart from both using curves to represent geometry I don't really see any overlap in features or application/target users.

Maybe I'm missing something?

On that note: I think Vector Graphics Complexes and Ludigraphix should join forces.

Those two core features in a single app would open the door to a lot of opportunities.

Is there a demo available? I'd really prefer to test this out before committing to roughly $30.

And why is the docs page on Github when the source apparently is not? Are you hoping the users will write the documentation?

I have made a demo version (without save/exports) but binaries are not signed :


I REALLY like this. Is there any chance of a windows version someday? Regrettably, I've gone back to Windows owing to Apple's inability to make a functional keyboard.

See OP's comment linking to demo releases: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20268169 , the app is designed to be cross platform

I will try to put it on Windows Store soon. I can send you a binary if you send me a mail (support at ludigraphix dot org).

Hey, thank you for the offer. I was able to grab one of your promo codes for OSX. (I still have a 2012 mac mini that works). When you decide to put it on the windows store, or however you do I'll purchase a copy!

Thank you kindly!

Sounds a bit like the awesome Geometer’s Sketchpad?

I don't know Geometer's Sketchpad but I see my software as a drawing software with geometry features and not as an educational geometry software.

I have always been frustrated with vector drawing software because shapes are not linked together (except for grouping) and this make complex drawing very hard to modify. This is an attempt to solve this.

I originally wanted to add some generative capabilities like contextfree (https://www.contextfreeart.org/) but I have not gone in this direction at the moment. The more "generative"-like feature is currently path effects (https://www.ludigraphix.org/path-effects).

Sounds like your ideas are somewhat similar to what CAD programs do with relations and dimensions etc. For example in SolidWorks you can define the following types of relations between features in the sketch, in addition to basic dimensions (length/radius/angle): https://help.solidworks.com/2019/english/SolidWorks/sldworks...

Or even Geogebra?

Yes, I see it like a crossover between Geogebra and Inkscape.

Hey, any chance of a non MAS-link? Some of us still vastly prefer that method of installation. Also, this seems neat!

Here is some promotion codes:

(for info the codes will expire on 2019-07-22)

FYI all codes are now redeemed.

Here is 10 more :


Oooohhh snagged 69FJJKL3PXJ7 and I'll be trying it out, thanks!

All seem to be used - bummer - looks amazing.

@all Don't hesitate to let comments on issue page if you have any problem (https://github.com/Ludigraphix/ludigraphix.github.io/issues)

Here is 10 more :-)


Anyone trying to use: they've all been redeemed

Hell yes! Thank you so much, I nabbed: YMPEYYRPKM44

You're a champion. Redeemed A46TE7PHN74F :)

Thank you! Nabbed 3XERMFTW3JP3.

Spare a few more, please!

Thanks! I used FX9AHKWHWXLR

Also interested in one!

Thx! I have redeemed T4HAXMLWKRNJ.

Thanks! I redeemed 4AF7PARPJ9HJ

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