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Ask HN: Who is seeking a cofounder?
141 points by bruceb on June 24, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 172 comments
For all HNers seeking a cofounder Pro tip: Leave contact info in profile, not everyone sees post the same day

These threads always interest me.

Who is really willing to bring on an absolute stranger to their early-stage startup and heap a bunch of responsibility (and equity) on them? It seems a random individual from the internet would be very likely worse than no partner at all, considering you're pretty well locked together and you have no idea how that person handles conflict or pressure or really anything.

And why would one be interested in joining a random early stage startup if the existing founder can't recruit a cofounder from their network? Doesn't that tell you something right there?

I think you can definitely gel with a stranger, but you have to know how to date. Tinder works because we know how to date. There's no protocol to founder dating...so I made one up: https://github.com/rickyyean/founder-dating-ritual

This is pretty smart. Well done. Has anyone followed this that you know of?

I just introduced it at a founder dating event I organized. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

>.. if the existing founder can't recruit a cofounder from their network?

For immigrants like me, who didn't grow up in the US, the "existing network" is largely absent / non-existent. So we always have difficulty trying to find co-founders as the people you can trust the most in your network are your "butt buddies" (in hindi we call them Chaddi-dost) and they are not here.

And most engineers, esp. technical engineers are introverts and do not like going to networking events.

> "butt buddies" (in hindi we call them Chaddi-dost)

My Hindi is far too limited to be sure, but I don't think that translation has the same connotation at all. Just fyi!

Yea in America, "butt buddies" has a homosexual implication and sometimes used pejoratively. I would use a different term in English.

In US English, I’ve always understood it to mean guys who are attached at the hip / spend a lot of time together/ to the extent they could be mistaken as being in s romantic relationship / BFFs. I felt it’s appropriate but odd used in this example. Not bad for ESL though.

That said, just because I grew up in US and my butt buddies are here doesn’t mean they’re good cofounders. I’m regularly the only entrepreneurial person in my various friend groups.

It's incorrect translation. The correct one is "trouser friends" because they are so close they can borrow each other's shorts/trousers

Haven't heard that one. 'Blood brothers' might be close. (In case you're not familiar, it's an ironic phrase, doesn't mean that the 'brothers' are related at all, just very close: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Blood%20Brot...)

Or, I suppose, 'BFF', but perhaps not even teenage girls can bring themselves to use that seriously today (I suspect it's 'so last year').

wait what. "chaddi dost" is literally, "underwear buddies," not "butt buddies." "chaddi" in some cases also generally means just shorts, not necessarily what's closest to your skin. The connotation is you and your friend knew each other from when you ran around in diapers.

I could not have said it better. Apart from the immigrant history and technical oriented, my situation is that the Chaddi-dost/butt-buddies are not oriented the same way inregards to making a product or build a company. I feel a minor proportion of the human population happen to have that sort of relationship.

> And most engineers, esp. technical engineers are introverts and do not like going to networking events.

Not every engineer is an introvert, and cofounders need to wear multiple hats, so you're better getting a 75% engineer who is more versatile.

There had been instances where introverts have learnt to network as they were trying to gain traction for their product or idea. Being introvert should not be a disqualifying criteria for someone from being successful

Indeed; I'm an extremely introverted person, but that's only because people don't actually want to talk business 100% of the time. If that's what we're doing, I am very much extroverted.

I agree growth is possible, and I'd never "disqualify" an introvert. Perhaps a better way to put it is I'd disqualify someone unafraid to network, introvert or otherwise.

I stand corrected. Agreed, Butt-buddies = Gay.

Attached at the hip is more like it. These are guys you grow up with and know their darkest secrets :)

I posted a couple of minutes ago so I can tell you why I did it.

There are INCREDIBLE talented people out there that for several reasons never start a company.

Some of those reasons could be the lack of opportunities or because they just didn't have the chance of working on something cool or with the right people.

Why would anyone join? Basically for the same reason, in our case, we are a little ahead in terms of funding and customers, but as someone said: " 'A players' like to play with 'A players'".

This raises a question about co-founder responsibility and subterfuge though. I think in terms of ability, an 'A player' can probably easily tell the level of ability of another 'A player' that works in the same domain as them, but if you're thinking of bringing on a co-founder because you can handle the technical aspects, but need a business-person, can you as a talented specialist judge how good someone is at something completely un-related? I think there is potential hubris there.

My hope would be that they can bullshit their way through running a business as well as I can bullshit my way through code and infrastructure.

(yes I am looking, I have a small product ready for customers built with the exit intention of selling the product to another company at a later time. Basically the idea was to make a small business focused infrastructure toolbox. The logging product is working. I think chat and filesharing could be real easy wins. Slyops dot net. Contact link there works.)

the general advice or best experience seem to be to team up with people that you have worked together with for a few years.

but as someone who effectively has been working alone as a freelancer for most of my adult life i simply don't have any coworkers or work friends.

and don't get me started on networking. i wasted lots of time at so called networking events, to the point that when i moved to a smaller city the lack of events felt like a relief.

therefore my only chance to find partners has been random connections.

so far the results were not good. the biggest obstacle being lack of funds.

i can't afford to work for equity only if i join someone else, and i can't afford to pay someone if they were to join me.

no choice but to keep trying

But you can afford to work for equity if it’s your own project? Mayhaps your problem is that you only see your project as valuable and are subconsciously dismissing other potential projects that could kickstart your own

no, i still have to earn money first.

most startups fail. the likelyhood that the earned equity will be enough to kickstart my own project years later is to small to be worth the risk.

if i join someone for equity, then it has to be a project that i am actually interested in enough that i'd start it on my own if i had the opportunity.

so it's not my project vs your project but it is my interests vs your interests. if our interests align, i'll join you, even for equity only.

however at the end of the day i still have to put food on the table, so if you are looking for 100% commitment, i simply can't afford that.

i was part of a startup based on that premise. it failed because noone could put in enough time, and the founder rejected the idea to finance ourselves with consulting work believing that if we did that we'd never get to work on the startup because we'd be busy building up a consulting firm.

i don't believe that's true, because somehow i manage to make a living from consulting and still have time to work on my project.

it's all about priorities.

I had a cofounder who held this same position. I offered to do all the work and funnel it into the company and even that was a bad idea because then no one technical could work on the project... even though we were talkig about funding an offshore dev team. Sometimes idiots gone be idiots

There are intervening steps between meeting someone and deciding to work long-term with them.

My cofounder and I didn't know each other at the outset we worked together for 6 months before deciding to commit full time and draw up paperwork, etc.

Having seen online dating go from distasteful niche ==> new classifieds for the desperate ==> somewhat mainstream among early adopters ==> dominating offline dating channels, I wouldn't be surprised if online cofounder dating happens somewhat similarly.

I assume people looking for co-founders aren't looking to "date" candidates for months/years and therefore delay raising/launching for a substantial period of time, so it's more like marrying someone you match with on Tinder after what can only be a cursory familiarization. Could be my own bias coloring that perception, though.

If they're looking for cofounders, their product could be at any stage, including not-even-started. Raising may not even be on the map yet, or ever. Maybe you want to find a co-founder who wants to bootstrap exclusively.

Maybe you want to find someone who's a good culture fit with you, and do a small project together. If it goes well, keep going, if not, stop there. So it really is more like dating than marrying.

Vesting equity makes this pretty harmless. 4 year vest with a 1 year cliff gives you a year of dating even if you start working together before ever meeting, which of course is the most extreme absurd example.

This would seem to imply more of an employee relationship where only the stranger can get pushed out (not the existing founder get pushed out.) A good confounder relationship should hold all founders to equal account.

>Doesn't that tell you something right there? No, and a cursory Googling quantitatively debunks this bias, though it's obviously a convenient assertion to give a VC a little more reassurance on an early investment.

But really, are we all not just 'absolute strangers', 'random individuals from the internet', with a 'random early stage startup'... until we're not?

Our incredibly finite networks only form one way—by meeting new people—which has to happen somehow. Clearly there is a mutual vetting process before agreeing to work together; and extending beyond one's current network doesn't necessarily represent a failure of one (or one's current network) to satisfy each relationship. See also Joy's Law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joy's_law_(management)

Well, we are all strangers until we are not...but confounding with an acquaintance means I’ve had a chance to get the person before working with them ( like hiring via referrals rather than hiring blind.)

Speaking personally I'd happily connect with a random stranger. Sometimes you don't have the right networks owing to geography and/or past career and/or having worked remotely for the better part of your life. And if you know how to interview (which most techies do not) then you mostly know how to weed out the wrong type of person.

I met some wonderful people this way, sometimes you just have to be open-minded and not pessimistic. Most of my moments where I met people who changed my life were complete strangers during random circumstances.

Because networks are limited and the trust placed in them misleading.

A random person with the right skillset could create a wonderful parnership not possible unless you have a big network.

For this very reason sometime back I created a slack group(https://tinyurl.com/tefogroup) for technical founders and aspiring technical founders to meetup online, try some projects together, get to know each other and seek advice from other experienced founders before actually doing a startup. It helps in the long run if the relationship is built organically.

Generally there is an interview process and a vesting schedule. If not, sign me up to co-found all the startups!

Plenty of talented people out there who just dont have the network or know the right person. Lots to do with interests too.

I agree with first part.

But what does it explain if founder has a small network or is unlucky that good candidates are currently busy?

5 years ago I founded https://hackclub.com after dropping out of high school. We're now one of the fastest growing after-school programs in the US with over 3,000 students attending Hack Clubs each week.

I'm considering bringing in a CEO-like role to lead https://hackclub.com/bank/, which we launched a few months ago on HN (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19257241).

The product has started to come into its own, crossing $600K in transactions a couple weeks ago. I want to bring in someone who can come in with a founder-like role and work with me to flesh out the vision, strategy, and lead the charge to get us to $6M in transactions over the next 12 months. The potential isn't just high school hackathons: it's every US nonprofit with an annual budget of under ~$300K (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiscal_sponsorship).

The product is revenue generating, we're a well-funded growing nonprofit that recently won the $1M Frank Foundation grant (https://grant.frank.ly/), and we have two major partnerships for HC Bank close to closing, but we need the right person to make them happen. These two partnerships would add an additional $4M in transactions over the next 12 months alone.

Interested? I'm zach@hackclub.com. Best person for this role is obsessive, product-minded, deeply technical, and wants to be a CEO, not a product manager.

USA, Remote. Looking for someone to work with.

I'm interested in working on a lifestyle business rather than chasing a unicorn. I have the classic spreadsheet of ideas tucked away, but I'm certainly open to others ideas.

Strong preference for B2B. No experience in blockchain or ai.

In my previous attempt at putting together a business, I felt pain from a lack experience talking to customers so I spent a few years in a customer facing role as a senior success and support engineer for a fairly well known startup. I now love working with sales & marketing, grinding customer development for ideas, but still keep my coding chops sharp.

My email is in my profile.

Email sent .... :)

Think: SwiftUI meets React, runs anywhere and provides a beautiful app kit for building desktop apps (designed to go mobile soon).

Then: add an App Store built in, all together as a sort of operating system layer that lets you build many types of apps incredibly easily.

Finally: apps in a shared workspace all can communicate with each other using typed APIs. Read gmail messages, write to a Postgres database. All config shared between your team.

Trying to do for intranet systems what Slack did to chat. Make it wonderfully easy and powerful.

Cool part is it’s far along (multiple years in), I’ve already raised money on good terms from Founders Fund and it’s just me. I’d love to find one truly great developer to join and help out and shower with equity.

Ooh I like this idea. Like retool meets IFTTT.

Who I am:

Statistics Ph.D., Caltech BSCS, 10 year Microsoft (Windows Server dev then Senior Quantitative Manager). I teach University of Washington's intro Statistical Software class (R, Python, SAS, etc.)

Specialties within stats/machine learning: finanical risk (I'm a CFA and was on the FRM committee); bioinformatics (thesis and publications on statistical genetics); forecasting/optimization (current consulting work on long term adaptive capacity planning). Very into Bayesian computing and MCMC methods.

Consulting page: RedmondAnalytics.com Resume: https://sergeredmondanalytics.github.io/ra-public/Serge.pdf


I'd be interested in:

- If you're doing a data science, fintech, or bioinformatics startup, talk to me to see if I can help.

- I have a few small conventional web/mobile app concepts that I'd love to seed-fund and provide technical guidance for (but I wouldn't have much hands-on coding/marketing time myself). I'm always on the lookout for someone to partner with on these - either a coder type or a hustler/marketer type...

Strong full stack developer https://www.linkedin.com/in/sridhar-ramasami-76a226117/

looking for interesting projects to cofound/work for equity

leisenming AT protonmail DOT com

Company: ROBOAMP.com | Remote

What we do: With just ONE line of code, we make any website to load in one second or less on mobile.

I'm a software engineer looking for a business-oriented co-founder.

We just got accepted into a tech startup accelerator and we have 100+ paying customers.

You can learn more about us here: https://dallasinnovates.com/rockwall-startup-helping-make-we...

My email is roberto@roboamp.com

Thank you.

Is this only for public unauthenticated portions of the mobile site?

It's not.

In addition to this thread, those looking to network with other HNers should check out Kismet: https://findkismet.com

Disclaimer: I created it and that's how I found my cofounder.

Hi there, I signed up with Kismet a long time ago and loved the idea. Unfortunately, most of the profiles kismet emailed to me were low quality. Most profiles were sparsely filled out. Are things better these days?

They are! Now people who don't fill out their profiles only get matched with other people who haven't filled theirs out. Of course in theory you could still get someone that pastes in lorem ipsum or something, but I haven't seen that happen yet.

How come you don't you add a field in the profile stating what they are there for like - need a cofounder, want to join a start up. Maybe an interest field too. Just some thoughts!

yeah, a larger text field where on can write an introduction and add more more details would be useful

how do you match? the first match i got doesn't make sense. i wrote:

need help with finding clients for web development projects

can help with software development, managing developers, qualifying tech job candidates, mentoring developers, training programmers

and then i get a match that says:

Can help with: Product Design

Needs help with: B2B Marketing

that's not a match at all.

Cool. I just signed up. Neat idea!

Pretty cool!

Nice! Going to signup as well :)

NameinProgress | Bay Area|

Instant group chat for nearby loosely affiliated people (who don’t necessarily know each other).

Unlocks value and solves problems of current options. Maintains some privacy, keeps out randos (no, isn’t one of those been done million times, who is around you app just based on GPS).

The magic happens in the backend, looking for someone who will focus on development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database. You can make mobile apps that can handle lots of concurrent chats/chatrooms, thousands of users.

An MVP could be made in 8 weeks.

Quick blog with more details (much still omitted, lets talk), why it’s worth your talent and time, me, and more: http://bit.ly/grp_app_HN

Is this mobile and browser based? What is a use case for someone?

Have you ever been to a meetup or small conference, looking to talk to people with a certain interest but out of 40 people, you only get time to speak to 4? Thereby missing out on possible valuable conversations.

The app solves this problem*

Instantly attendees get access to a group chat. No one has to set it up, no one has to add others. Only people who are/did attending get access, no random unaffiliated people.

It "just works" solution.

Current solutions are sub optimal and they involves virtual schlep and so people don't use them.

*this is one use case, but there are broader uses cases where you would use it every single day.

8 weeks‽ This is an overnight job. 1 week at most. Especially for MVP and not production.

From my experience its going to be a more than a week, but its possible less than 8, I agree. There is some backend stuff thats a bit more complex than avg chat app, but nothing crazy. I would rather overestimate the time then tell someone it is going to be simple. Also both iOS and Android versions would have to be released to really test it (how it works makes a web version on mobile not possible).

If you know a person/people with skills who might be interested, pls let me know, thanks!

Denis de Bernardy | Hungary | http://mesoconcepts.com

Job-tech. I'm finding very strong market signals, and I've identified what in my experience (helped dozens of businesses improve their business prospects) is a sane path to profitability with minimal investment. I'm currently moving forward alone, but quite frankly I'd love to have a partner or two to do the technical parts so I can focus on fund raising (if needed), marketing, and sales instead.

Required if you reach out: Python, Scrapy, and experience with ML.

Side note: This thread should be part of the monthly HN whoishiring IMO.

What is the ML component?

It's not set in stone.

Company: Polar


We're building a platform for knowledge workers to capture what they've learn and a framework to prevent forgetting important material.

We have about 5k VERY passionate and active users. They've uploaded about 130GB of content so far. Zero effective churn... They definitely like the product and are willing to pay.

Not profitable yet as we have to focus on growth.

Looking for someone really strong in web design/UI+react or product/growth who has built out a large startup in the past.

burton ... at getpolarized

(I'll let you figure out the email so I don't get spammed)

Hey all 2 things

1.if helpful i did write a paper a while back on how to find a co founder / let me know what you think: https://www.techstars.com/content/uncategorized/how-to-find-...

2. I’m looking for a co-founder to join a crypto based lottery that is legally not a lottery (style is gaming) MVP is done but need some polishing (C++ / cross platform / background in game could be interesting) : Franck nouyrigat

I am working on image search engine (something like elasticsearch but for images). I apply some deep learning magic (like object detection, classification etc), face recognition, exif extraction and some other. MVP is almost ready and soon I will be able to handle quries like: content="dog and cat on the table" exif.apperture>5 exif.data>2005 faces.count >4

But I am pretty weak at frontend development and pitching/presentations. email: hudvin@gmail.com

UK, London

Building a VR exercise & fitness platform.

Exercising at home is currently too boring for some of us to bother (even though we know more exercise would be good for our health) and simply watching videos gives no control of pace or any sense of progressing towards our goals.

VR content can be so engaging and while Beat Saber shows exercise can be ludicrously fun, it's also repetitive for the arms and doesn't teach you much about your body and how to avoid injury.

I'm currently part of a new Antler.co investment program cohort in London (hope that's ok to mention here :) ) - looking for 1 or 2 co-founders, ideally within the coming four weeks or so.

Would be interested to find another technical founder who can collaborate with me on early content development (mostly working with Unity and wrangling mocap data), and/or someone with marketing experience and an interest in helping build an inclusive community around the project.

Please get in touch via robert at sixbynine.org and let's chat

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-bragg (~15yr graphics, Linux sytems programming and machine learning + comp. vision experience, C/C++, git, all the things :), Intel nearly 10yrs + 2 startups)

I'm not who you're looking for, but just wanted to say I was looking recently thinking 'surely there's a great VR+ANT setup for indoor cycling I could use as an excuse to get VR', and surprised that all I could find was Zwift. So, best of luck! -- potential customer ;)

Looking for a business partner.

I’m a designer and developer with one successful small company built in the past. Looking to do it again.

I can execute a mobile / web product which scales on Amazon AWS. Think local scale (millions of users) not internet scale (billions). Like a lifestyle business.

I have my own ideas but open to any new idea. Anything works which can be executed by a few people. I’m interested in a 6-7 figure business instead of the usual unicorn.

Hi let's connect! I'd be interested to hear about your ideas/experience, I definitely want to go the route of a 6-7 figure business too.

Send me an email: bartus.csongor@gmail.com

Hi, I would love to hear more about your ideas as well. I have an idea of my own I would love to share with you.

Looking for an enthusiastic co-founder who share the vision and help me get my product to the next level.

I'm Full Stack Developer, just launched the BETA version of http://flySuperCheap.com

With the mission to become the best Cheap Flights Finder Service, The ideal co-founder can be either another Technical person or a marketer/product.

Contact me at the email on my profile and I will share more details on how I'm already ahead of the competitors on Search Results and user experience.

With this launch I kind of closed a phase in this project, so I'm also open to hear about any other interesting idea to partner on.

I’m looking for CEO/CMO. I have built numerous stock and option trading algorithms that are successful. I have struggled to market all this information. I’m a register investment advisor / SEC online advisor. I have an existing website and lots of data to back my claims. Primarily I’m a great chief algorithm builder/coder, but a poor marketer.

If you are interested in blockchain and algorithmic trading I would love to connect. My email is on my profile

Email? Let's talk.

Box Factura | Mexico | https://www.boxfactura.com

Local accounting-ish startup is looking into expansion, altough going global would be very hard (accounting is very different in Mexico), the whole country is a very big market. We are profitable and the business is growing.

Looking for a sales/PR cofounder.

Hi, I might be able to connect you guys with come folks/resources out here in Southern California/Tijuana!

Thanks, email is in profile.

We are always looking for technical and marketing/sales people to help with https://kitspace.org. We are making open source hardware electronics projects easier to order and build and starting to offer the same as a paid services for companies working on proprietary products.

Our killer feature is 1-click orders for electronic parts. We have a strong open source ethos and are building our company to help support open source hardware and software developers.

The best way to get involved remotely right now is to join Findcollabs [1] or our other public chat [2].

[1]: https://findcollabs.com/project/v7vWqpkRKz5UHupMEqou

[2]: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#kitspace:matrix.org

LegitList - Looking for Android/Flutter Partner

Legitlist is a friend-sourcing photo app for food and travel recommendations. Think Yelp with an Instagram interface, but with geo-functionalities (sort feed by real time distance) and food emoji filters, and with only your friends or people who's taste you trust (instead of anonymous elite reviewers).

We believe that your friends are your most credible source of experiences and we use all your food photos on your phone to create a collective food brain repo with your friends.

We are always trying to answer "What's the closest legit thing to me that my friends have done?" any where in the world.

Imagine a map of every Anthony Bourdain restaurant from his shows on your phone. Or every legit ramen restaurant your friend raved about from his last Tokyo trip.

We've built an IOS MVP and are currently private beta testing. But need an android dev or preferably a Flutter dev. Launching Fall this year.

Please feel free to reach out - planert41@gmail.com

or ask for a beta link :)

I don't have a startup or project idea. But would like to work with team members who would become life-long friends whether the startup succeeded or failed. I believe that before starting a company, team members should know each other well enough so that they can stick together when the going gets tough. In that regards I would like to first connect with others and bounce ideas, work on small projects/ideas, help other etc. We can first get to know each other, discuss any topic of interest related to startups and then take it from there. Hence I have created a group (#startup_friends:privacytools.io) on https://riot.privacytools.io for us to meet and make new friends and then hopefully work together on something cool. Come join the group. If nothing else, we would have at least made new friends.

Hey hey! I write software, previously at Microsoft. I like taking on various roles for building and shipping software. Developer, tester, lead, devops, or whatever needs to get done. I've led teams of about 4-8 developers through product development - including coming up with the product vision and translating that to user stories and developing the product. Although I'll mainly wear the developer hat I'm interested in learning and executing on other parts of a project - marketing, sales, whatever needs to get done. I'm open to coming up with something together.

Reach me on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/roy-moran-a8b42b9b/

London | UK Looking for great people to collaborate with. Currently into nutrigenomics and healthcare. Developing a deep learning model which 99% faster, 99% cheaper and more accurate at identifying skin conditions as compared to a dermatologist. Fundamentally interested in solving big problems and building scalable businesses with people that I truly enjoy working with. Looking for researchers in bioinformatics, coders or people that can sell and also be friendly :)

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tudordragos/

My Background: ML/Data Science/Research + Business / Strategy

Looking for a serious remote front end (react/web) developer.

Its a good idea that can grow very fast. I have angel funding. I did a short landing page trial and got a few paid users.

I am doing the back-end development.

The front-end portion is very important, and will grow into a team very quickly. Probably single digit % equity.

email in profile.

Hi I'm a Full Stack Developer with strong experience in React and React Native. I just finished this side project:


and I'm looking for something interesting to do next.

You can find me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roberto-rodriguez-64bb0781/

Or reach me out at roberto@flySuperCheap.com


Hi everyone! I am based in Minneapolis Minnesota and am actively seeking a tech cofounder.

I believe I have something that can compete on Amazon's level on the consumer goods side.

The idea is to build a web/mobile application where customers are able to order refillable, reusable consumer goods such as groceries and shampoos. Once they are used up, we pick it up clean it and have it ready for refill.

Vision for the future: Your in house AI that orders all your daily essentials not on a subscription basis but based on your beliefs and behaviors, providing you the power over companies competing for your attention.

Competitors already in it: goodeggs.com loopstore.com Amazon (many others)

The milkman model is not a new idea but I know I have the correct perspective to make this work. Let me know if you are interested in hearing more.


Hello HN,

In 2017 I built and launched a job board of Tech Jobs that sponsor work visa - Think H1-B in US, EU Blue Card in europe, Startup Visas in Netherlands, Germany etc.

URL: http://www.visaok.in/

Traffic: 3,000 to 5000 visitors /month

Applicants: about 3,000 so far who applied through my board.

Users: Mostly from India, China, Ukraine and some from Europe.

I'm based in San Francisco, US. Since I didn't grow up here, I have no network and could not trust anyone, so I was "going it alone" for all these years. But I've hit a wall now and need a co-founder or someone who can take an active role in helping the site grow and monetize.

I'm having difficulty in the marketing area and in getting paid listing from startups. I did some blogging on Quora and am an authority on H1-B visa questions. I'm willing and able to put 5 to 7K USD into any work you think might help fix the problem areas.

I'm looking for a growth hacking / marketing co-founder (or any other role / title experienced in growth marketing) who can review the current state of the site and figure out what needs to be fixed and how to move forward in order to get paid listing, and to service existing users. I'm getting a lot of requests to list non-tech jobs.

I have results from survey question on how to improve it, and I can share that with you.

Also, I posted a question on hiring a designer (cos the theme feels ugly and outdated) and got a lot of feedback from HN community on not focusing on that. Discussion here => https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14431770

Lastly, please write to me only if you are passionate about this topic i.e. immigration and work visas.

Contact info:

    shiva (at) visaok.in 

    theblogdoctor (at) gmail.com

I'm Full stack developer. EU. Would like to participate in something connecting with health. Or i have an issue: In EU (How about US?). We have an issue with appointments to doctors. All kinds of doctors. It's often hard to find a time in next weeks. So we can build a website where doctors can help by webcamera with something simple like cold Or we can build some AI based system that will monitor user's smart watch, maybe camera in bathroom, some devices to quickly do some scanning and make early advise or notifcation that he needs to change something or take a close look on his health earlier. It may reduce amount of work for first line doctors

"camera in bathroom"

Yeah, sounds secure :) I've meant that regularly, every morning some device in bathroom can check your health status. For instance, infrared camera, or smth.

Still in concept validation phase. I have observed a few problems that require solving.

- consolidated sales and marketing solution that solves the problem of silos caused by multiple tools used in different phases of marketing (leave alone sales). Think of analytics, retargeting, lead gen, email marketing. All different tools with siloed reporting. - Same problem but with a focus on Real estate - SaaS based property management for folks that have 3-4 properties (causual landlords)

Looking too collaborate. I have experience on the business side and a little bit of coding in python (and even lesser) Javascript. Email me at aseem <at> aseem <dot> us if you want to discuss. Based on San Jose, CA

Looking for technical co-founder | US Remote

We provide transcription for events like conferences that delivers high quality results that are SEO optimized and time tagged to source content. We have a technical MVP that works, and after a couple more features plan to launch and start charging for it. Currently spending my time focusing on finding more potential clients to interview. Historical interviews and demos have resulted in a high level of interest from people.

Competitors include https://www.edgar.live/ and others.

Email my username at gmail.

I'm a career designer with a heavy passion in making design tools better. Worked for a VC, lead UX at a YC startup and currently an enterprise consultant. Background is in UX and UI design and bring prototyping skills with React and Vue as well.

Looking for a technical co-founder to build upon concepts from tools like Framer X and http://sketch.systems. Also open to co-founding something completely different if anyone has a need for design / prototyping in a cofounder

My startup is here - 100-wifi.com

You see a wifi say 100-flyingYoga and would like to know more about this Flying yoga. So you join the wifi and are taken to the Flying Yoga company web pages where you get the info. Then you see 100-MikesBurgers. You join it and read up on makes these Burgers the talk of the town.

The product is developed and tested. We need help with product fit and marketing. Looking for people with experience in B2B and working with retail stores.

leisenming AT protonmail DOT com

Not the OP, but have you found that people really join these WiFi networks? At least in the US, it seems like most people use their cell data instead.

The product is aimed at people who WANT to get local info.

Oh, I see. That’s pretty smart then!

Are people really browsing wifi networks like that and with any frequency?

We found a few people do browse wifi networks. However, thats not our target audience. We are targeting people who WANT to get local info. Eg: guests at a restaurant WANT to look at the e-menu. Then the waiter directly them to 100-JohnsRestaurant wifi. Or as we have actually used - people in an event who WANT to get translation were directed to wifi 100-InnovationFair.

Hope it makes sense.


I'm a product designer in SF with MVP designs for a music discovery web app. I would also be interested in any other music-related projects. Email me: hey@2x4.co.

Able | Remote (US/Europe) | https://able.bio/

Building a LinkedIn alternative for programmers. Users can earn skills on their profiles through code challenges, write blog posts and find jobs. Looking for a technical co-founder with strong Python/Django experience. Have built most of the MVP already but need someone to share the load and help engage with the developer community.

I'll try any LinkedIn alternative these days, since they have become so bloated.

But I've decided not to register myself with Able, since GitHub registration asks for the following, which I don't agree:

> Able by RhettTrickett > wants to access your account > Personal user data > Full access > This application will be able to read and write all user data. This includes the following: > Private email addresses > Private profile information > Followers

Also, (full?) access to my primary organization. Hard pass. Why full access?

Thanks for the feedback, Fernando. I've transferred the app to the Able organization on Github and pushed a new build that only requests read access to your Github profile info. It should be up in 20 min. It's used soley to pre-populate your Able profile and you can edit/remove this info straight after auth'ing. Didn't realise that the base user scope was that extensive, sorry about that!

Enjoying reading the content on your site - Mixcloud is a platform I use and the backend breakdown is really interesting.

Yeah, the backend interviews are something I'd really like to do more of. Glad you're enjoying it!

DominanceAR | Remote | http://www.DominanceAR.com

We are very close to launch our location based AR game. Please watch trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRHG4vdPsqg

Looking for a business partner who can help me with marketing. Gaming background preferred but not required.

Email is in the profile. Thanks.

Andrew | repush.me

My profile on producthunt (I like startups) - https://www.producthunt.com/@andr_andron

I made a mobile football game - http://whoscoredthegoal.com

I am currently working on a mobile application. A push notification service for friends and business.

I use A Flutter and Golang also JavaScript.

Email me me@andronov.io

Hey guys,

Im working on a social audio app, an app with a lot of generated voice changing filter for podcast/audiobook/storytelling!

Mostly focusing on UGC/PGC, is a heavy operation/tech/design.

Im looking for a co-founder/backend engineer. personally I'm working on a product design and on a tech side I'm taking care of machine learning/ native IOS.

If you're interested working on a new and challenging project shoot me an email. abtin.se8@gmail.com

If you are looking for a co-founder or help on your startups/side projects, you can view this post https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20362285#20362503

Looking for a solid mentor/guide that is chill to work with and has cool projects they need help working/brainstorming on.

I also have a couple ideas that might be interesting to MVP, for example:


can you elaborate on what your goal is?

Expand my skills, work on interesting projects with interesting people, and eventually make some sort of secondary income.

I'm an experienced ML engineer with experience in production algorithms, data science pipelines, and ML-powered digital marketing. Looking for folks on the product-market fit side of things. Send me a connect request on with a message on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/osazuwa/

messaging you!

I am in LA and previously co-founded a successful startup that sold to Hootsuite. Went through two accelerator programs. I do product, design, and operations.

Looking for a technical co-founder who can do iOS and backend to help me launch a dating app that will kill Tinder/Bumble/Hinge and change the way people date for decades. No more swiping.

I want a 50/50 partner, no bullshit you get 5% deal.

strykerguides at gmail dot com

What was your previous startup? Im currently running a startup and acquisition by a Hootsuite type app is one of our possible exit strategies.

Reach out to me via email and I'm happy to talk further.

I'm a former TV news producer, looking to build a hybrid consulting/SaaS solution for the news industry. There are lots of small-midsize newsrooms who could be operating far more efficiently, but just do not have the tools.

I feel confident in the tech and the product sides of things, but looking for someone who can help with sales/pricing/operations stuff.

In NYC for now, considering LA too.

jared AT nillium DOT com

You are spot on with this concept. I’ve spoke to a few people in the midsize markets and yes this will work. Think marketplace - content sellers and content buyers (newsrooms). Seed the market by making it categorical, based on the size and shape of the regions.

Can you email me? I'd love to chat.

jared at nillium dot com

Looking for anyone that is interested in doing a fun project that could translate over to a Kickstarter campaign. Helping people to remember when to water their house plants and eventually leading to garden. I have validated my assumptions and looking for hardware, and designer. Email is in profile. This is not a 9-figure idea but could generate some passive income.

Charlie Van Norman | Chicago, USA | http://www.vannorman.ai

Full stack developer, designer, and entrepreneur seeking collaborators. Start small to build relationship, escalate into passive income strategy or full blown startup. Spaces of interest include ML/AI, biotech, video games, education, and real estate.

We're a tech-enabled services startup providing primarily accounting and other back-office services to the property management industry. We currently process thousands of invoices (90% computer generated) a day that we'd love to have ML optimize if there's interest (example of a limited-ish scope project). www.apmhelp.com

Can I email you?

John Simerlink | Columbus, OH.

Doing real estate + full-stack consulting and once I get some more passive income, am going to transition fully to making ed tech products


Would love to chat with you. I visit Chicago every once in a while

UK - London - Remote ok for now

Building an automated financial planning app targeting those early in their careers and underserved by traditional financial advisors (<£100k assets).

Me: CS background, 3.5 years working in Trading @ $tn Asset Manager. Product-focused with Python/Data exp.

Looking for another technical co-founder, ideally with FinTech background and experience with Open Banking API's.

Email in profile

I have a few ideas for android apps for a foreign market. I think they would blow up and be very popular albeit for a poor country where you might not make a lot of money. I am willing to create an LLC and give equity for potential profits to someone who would be able to development of the apps. Let me know if anyone is interested in collaborating :)

I am a developer in NYC. I am seeking cofounder(s) for two ideas:

- One application is an information portal that will feature B2C ads from financial institutions. This application is built.

- The other idea is an application that would help people give to charity.

Expertise that would be helpful is interfacing with institutions and SEO/marketing to drive users.

Contact info is in my profile... partisanyc at gmail.

Technical startup founder with extensive industry experience who built out a cutting edge SaaS no-code, spreadsheet inspired platform for the P&C insurance industry, with existing (enthusiastic) carrier customers. Looking for Enterprise sales/biz dev partner. NY based. Also planning on expanding into the CPQ space. uaksas@gmail.com

Steward AI | Cleveland, OH | Remote

Indoor farm monitoring using cameras and ML

Pre-revenue. I have a prototype in use in a couple local farms. I have a couple more farms ready to get started.

I can handle the software/hardware/product. I am looking for someone who knows the agtech industry and can help grow the company.

Email is in profile. Let me know if you have any good ideas on how to find farmers!

Just checked your profile and there isn't a email. I would like to hear more and share with you some of my ideas. Email: kpyang2414@gmail.com

FundRider. I need a sales/marketing cofounder.

A fundraising tool for great causes. Find someone from your community(church, school, other) 1) Rideshare your commute 2) Rider gas money goes to a charity (easily can get to $1000-$2000 a year) 3. Save the planet.


US-based (Minneapolis) technical/biz person here:

Have executed/built/shipped 5 things in the last 2 years solo. Looking for someone with different ideas than mine that may stick better. I like solving b2b problems, but b2c is cool too. Oh and I love making things that started as spreadsheets. Preferably your spreadsheets.

Email is hn@josh[dot]mn

Looking for a technical co-founder in SF or Remote to take https://configrd.io from an open source project to SaaS and beyond.

If you are interested in writing tooling for fellow engineers and improving the devops and infosec landscape, drop me a line.

Skillset: Team Building, Strategy, UX. Looking for an eccentric business co-founder to start a global marketing agency/co-working space/incubator hybrid out of rural Virginia. Contact me via https://www.vitalboisset.com

India ( NCR, Remote )

I am currently working on a product in the News field and looking for someone who is excited about disrupting how people consume news online.

The product is in it's early stage and I am developing it in my free time. I plan to launch within 2-3 months for the Indian Market ( Go global later ).

Email in my profile.

I'm looking for an amazing designer with very strong HTML & CSS skills, a bit of javascript skills is also fine. Reach out to me, I have tons of ideas and cash to throw at them. I can build scalable backends. You can email me at segmond AT gmail DOT com

B2B|ERP related product -looking for cofounder with marketing and sales skills.

I have productivity and integration platform for one specific SaaS ERP(SAP). I have customers that are using it daily and looking to scale out and find more customers.

Ideally the person would have knowledge in ERP and located in EU.

You didn't leave any contact details. I'd be curious to have a chat (email in my profile).

There is now.

I am really interested in blockchain and I have already built a side project earning some ether through trading. I want to dive deeper into algorithmic trading. Looking for someone with trading experience to collaborate in order to build a public or private product.

My email is on my profile

Tokyo/ USA Looking for a co-founder interested in quantum information science (i.e in programming quantum computers) its a brand new field - its also exciting to see what we could do with information on these new devices. E-mail info@elyah.io -- if interested

Marcell Ortutay | Mt View, CA

Techincal/strong coder. Looking for someone to collaborate with on startup ideas / projects. I have a few ideas of my own but open to other ideas as well. email: marcell.ortutay@gmail.com

Free.Beer | NY, PA, NJ, or Remote

We just won the startup weekend! Free.Beer gives members a free beer

Bars give customers a Free Beer in the hopes that they buy more.

I can do the tech - need help with law and sales

EDIT: Removed link as it may reduce the karma to 0

Rodeo | Bay Area, UA

- Looking for very technical and developer-centric business analyst to do partnership and provide high level roadmap to Big corp

- An advocate for all-around-developers-ecosystem.

Contact: neduma (at) gmail (dot) com

I currently run a B2B restaurant SAAS product which is already selling, but I am looking for a sales cofounder to explore enterprise markets. contact: abhi (at) joyup (dot) me

- Monterrey,Mexico - looking to disrupt the LatAm market.. - I'm technical full-stack expert in Swift iOS, Ruby/Rails, AngularJS - jcgarzar@gmail.com

Raj | https://pixzels.github.io/portfolio | raj.11803163@lpu.in

Just looking to meet interesting people, no need of a co-founder. Currently attending the University of Texas studying CS + physics with some side projects.

About me: - technical - launched multiple products with mediocre success - T shaped - have access to non-costly developers

Profile: Polyglot engineer, with primary focus on C and C++. Location: UK, but open for remote collaboration. Contact: buk.mal@mail.uk

Seeking a blockchain developer as a co founder for an asset backed crypto model requiring development in erc721 / erc20 tokens.

I am a blockchain developer. I would be interested to hear more. My email is on my profile


I am a full stack developer looking for other technical people who are interested in building on the Libra blockchain.

I am interested in blockchain in general and would like to connect. My email is on my profile

Anyone interested in Amazon seller space hit me up for details. I’m technical looking for non technical help.

I helped build one of the biggest brands on Amazon.

Send me an email at hackernewsamazon@gmail.com

I have a SAAS product which is already selling but I am looking for a sales cofounder to explore new niches.

A link would be great if you feel comfortable sharing!

I prefer not to share it but if you are interested send me an email to pedrogarcia2659@gmail.com I can send you a link.

What sort of SaaS product?

It's an sports club management system (online reservations, classes, memberships, POS, Inventory...). Lots of modules that I will like to explore the possibility of selling it to another market.

Lihaciu Daniel | Romanian Occasional ducktape programmer

Hofstadter | Denver, USA | https://hofstadter.io

Low-code for developers https://docs.hofstadter.io currently, expanding to low-code for all in the enterprise.

Seeking a non-technical cofounder to assist in major ways. Experience in early stage startups, with developer focused and/or enterprise b2b products desired.

Our MVP is up, working on the MSP (sellable) and the customer pipelines and leads.

tony _at_ hofstadter.io

So lonely!

DockPad | SF | www.dockpad.io

Working on scheduling and tracking for construction workers. We are a team of 4 currently, 2 engineers, a product designer, and founder. We have a few pilot customers that have used our app.

What we are looking for is a senior engineer who can both scope out and takes control of a project end to end.

Or, a sales/operations person that can help sell, market, and grow the business.

If you are interested feel free to email me at deon@dockpad.io

I like Vim, serverless and the Starfleet Academy; I'm 18. (welcome@onplasma.com)

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