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This seems like it could start replacing cheap firewall hardware. I believe pfsense no longer requires aes-ni (?), so it seems like a good choice for that.

AES-NI for x86 CPUs was going to be required for the next release of pfSense (2.5), but that requirement was dropped when the API that necessitated AES-NI was pushed back from the 2.5 release. AES-NI will probably still be a requirement at some point in the future.

AES-NI won't be a requirement for ARM CPUs - Netgate sells first-party ARM-based pfSense appliances that have non-AES-NI hardware crypto acceleration that they've confirmed wouldn't be affected by the AES-NI requirement. Not sure how that applies to third-party ARM systems.

Yeah I'm actually using netgate boxes right now. I just figure rpis are cheaper. Thanks for the info.

they're not a lot less expensive by the time you have an equivalent system.

The SG-1100 is based on the v7 espresso.bin board. a 2G version of that is $99 by the time you have case, heat-sink, eMMC and power supply. We sell them for $159.

A 2G RPi 4 with case, heatsink, and power supply is $76.30. You have WiFi, but no second (or third0 Ethernet.

Also, someone has to pay the developers, right?

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