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We're definitely still working on it. Sorry you're affected by this. We're talking with the network providers involved. If anyone from the Verizon NOC is online... call me!

I've had FiOS issues in PA since around 6:30AM impacting a decent fraction of sites. YouTube was down for about 5 minutes. Slack still very flaky. A client who hosts a 5-figure number of domains on Cloudflare still unavailable to me, but the pagers didn't start going off so presumably it is isolated. Thanks for all the updates.

Another PA Fios user, same here. is mostly ok,, intermittent high latency in general, cloudflarestatus.com not loading.

Confirming widespread FiOS issues in NYC as well, not limited to CloudFlare IPs.

If I had the guess, the leak was probably for a huge range, maybe a /4 or something. Verizon is also notoriously bad about dealing with BGP stuff, so I wouldn't be surprised if they have particularly bad filtering.

Same FIOS issues for me. Any idea how this is all related?

Having connectivity issues with Verizon FIOS in Massachusetts this morning as well

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