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It's interesting to compare Slack's tech stack vs Discord. The tech stack of slack is pretty common, while the tech stack of Discord is very geeky: Elixir/Rust + Cassandra for crazy high concurrency, and React/React Native for fast developing and consistent experience.

Like LAMP for Slack, Discord also used MongoDB prototyping in the first few years, but while they prototyping they prototype in a manner they can easily migrate to Cassandra later. Then they successfully migrated to Cassandra. This is brilliant.

I remember the React community migrated from Slack to Discord[0], I guess one of the reason could be the performance. According to the blog, at that time the team only have "14 people full time", which means they've got a very high velocity, amazing.

I didn't find any summary of their whole tech stack but there are several insightful articles from their blog like[1].

[0] https://reactjs.org/blog/2015/10/19/reactiflux-is-moving-to-...

[1] https://blog.discordapp.com/how-discord-stores-billions-of-m...

I'm an admin on Reactiflux (although at the time of the switch from Slack to Discord, I had just joined as a newbie).

We got kicked off Slack because we got up towards 10K users signed up, and Slack locked us from having any more people join. Clearly, we weren't a good fit for their business model. Worked out well for us - we've loved Discord ever since we switched over!

This is So cool! Reatiflux is one of the most energetic community I have ever seen.

Every time I use Slack I found the business model is not as generous as Elixir - there are too many constraints for free users/organizations.

Slack uses Elixir for their auto and video conferencing as well.

How many more users/how much more traffic does Slack have than Discord...?

Probably the hard part is not about overall traffic. If Slack have a billion channels, while every channel only has 10 to 1k users, it's much easier than say, if Discord having a million channels while some channel having 100k users. If you thinking in algorithmic complexity.

I'm pretty sure the Reactiflux channel exceeded 50k long time ago.

We've done a few purges of inactive users over time, so the number of "total members" has done the usual garbage-collection sawtooth graph shape.

Looking at the server right this second, I see 2800 online, and 72.5K total members.

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