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I've thought about building a house in a barn to save on heating/cooling (Texas, it's dadgum hot here). But this is much much cooler (or warmer, if you're in Sweden)!

You might like Matt Risinger's YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/MattRisinger . He's a builder in the Austin area who does very energy efficient homes. He uses (a variation of?) this thing called a "100-year wall" system, the gist of which is that the entire envelope of the house is sheathed and sealed, basically turning the frame of the house into "furniture," in that it's in a conditioned space. The big insight is that the vapor-barrier-on-the-inside scheme came about in climates that were mostly dry outside, and mostly moister inside, whereas large areas of Texas (and tropical and subtropical areas) are the reverse.

Matt Risinger's show is great. I think it's awesome how he brings high performance low energy footprint home building ideas to audiences that might not otherwise be exposed to them.

A sibling comment suggests that the insulation-on-the-inside approach (for cellars, at least) has been found to be wrong anyway for moisture-on-the-inside.

a pole barn with no walls should be enough?

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