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Mmm.. I just got a return ticket London Glasgow for something like 90£. How is it so much more expensive for Manchester (considering that my train went through Manchester and is much closer than Glasgow)?

Well, there are two reasons, I believe. One is the fact that the longer in advance you buy it, the cheaper it is and the second is that peak vs. off-peak times matter a lot.

If you buy one month in advance and at non-peak times (e.g. 12:00 on a Wednesday or similar), it will be around £30-40 probably.

I've done Edinburgh to London a few times, and it's been >£200 each time

You must be booking first class? Or at peak times?

It’s £150ish open return from Dundee to London via Edinburgh IIRC for standard class off peak.

Pretty much same price as Dundee to Edinburgh train > plane to stanstead > train into liverpool street.

Also takes about the same time..

Probably times - not booking first class. I'm travelling again in a few months, but flying, and my flights from Edi to London city are £70 return. My total journey time door to door will be 3:30 (as I happen to be heading to the right part of London for City airport to make sense) and my bus to/from the airport in Edinburgh will cost me £7.50.

I've just checked trainline and for the same dates, a train is 4hours 20, will cost £145 for "super off peak single" - and if I'm not careful booking it I'll be standing for that trip. In my case this time I'll also need to get another train from Liverpool St to east london, which is 2 more trains and an extra 30 minutes each way.

I'd much rather take the train, but the costs are often stacked against trains in favour of flying.

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