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Having lived in Berlin and now living in London I asked the same.

The monthly ticket that is very common in Germany either doesn't exist here or is ridiculously expensive. Even if you go by tube on a daily basis you are better off paying for each trip.

That's not true - season tickets are definitely cheaper than pay as you go if you travel every day.

e.g. Annual Travelcards give you 12 months travel for the price of ten and a half.


Annual tickets are barely worth it if you just take the tube, not buses, and don't use it at weekends. Single fare prices were frozen by the mayor, but travelcards were not.

I commute Canning Town to Bank. Daily its £5.30. Weekly cap is £35.10 / Monthly £134.80 so you won't hit them on just commute.

In reality I have a railcard so its actually £4.50pd / even less likely to hit caps.

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