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So what you just claimed here is that adding more supply attracts more demand. With that logic by removing supply we reduce demand. So Airbnb would be reducing demand, especially on infrastructure since part time residents don't use the most expensive infrastructure ( schools ).

Also there are cities where housing prices have stayed in check, and generally they have done it by building more supply. Here is a ink to a graph that show the difference between Dallas and Atlanta and San Francisco ( https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?g=oe8E ). For reference Atlata had over twice as many new units constructed per year as San Francisco with half the population. This is why I say denying the supply side fix is dishonest. There is no reasonable measure where what you claim about supply attracting demand is true.

Eventually it would right? If rents shoot up and people can’t make a living at it in that city, they will simply go elsewhere. AirBNB also doesn’t need public schools or the other businesses and services that are dedicated to residents, so those would go away also (and do in Airbnb heavy areas).

Dallas and Atlanta are nit great examples, as they basically have unlimited land to expand on.

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