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> AirBnB causes damaging housing economics more rapidly than building more units can alleviate them

Are you implying that it's impossible to construct an additional 31,000 homes across all of Canada?

Are you assuming that Airbnb and demand for housing is somehow spread 'across all of Canada'? Are you also assuming that the new 31K homes (if you manage to build them) won't also just become Airbnb fodder?

They could be built anywhere (yes, even Toronto and Vancouver) as long as the political will is there.

If 100% of those units were converted into AirBnB that's another problem: why is the demand for short-term rentals so much higher than long-term ones? Again, not really AirBnB's fault.

I wouldn't say that the demand for short-term rentals is so much higher than that for long-term ones. I'd say that landlords know they can make a lot more money with short-term rentals, and that's why they do it. The rentals don't even go to the long-term market.

I know that's partially the case in Ireland of why it's so hard to get housing. Landlords can make a full year's rental salary over the summer with AirBnB...Why rent long-term when you can do that?

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