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How many people do you know who use DuckDuckGo? How many of them would consider a repair shop instead of doing it themselves?

FWIW, I use DDG, I’d still go to a repair shop rather than try to repair an iPhone personally.

I’m perfectly happy building a PC or messing with something that’s meant to be user-serviceable, or even replacing the stereo in my car, but when it comes to small things that are glued together I’d look at a professional. I can’t even manage to get screen protectors to go on perfectly straight in past experience...

I use DDG and would consider going to a repair shop. Used to fix them myself, but stopped around the iPhone 6 era as they became too fiddly to bother.

The last straw was when I knackered a motherboard because I mixed up two screws and severed a vital copper trace. So frustrating.

I would definitely use a shop, there isn't enough time to read/watch up on how to do it myself

About as many as I know who would consider repairing their device at all instead of buying a new one.

I also use DDG and would use a shop. I used to even repair iPhones for myself and others, but I just don’t have the tools or expertise these days.

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