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I've had mostly negative experiences with Airbnb over the years.

My neighbors airbnb their house every weekend. So nice loud music and rude guests to deal with fairly often. Of course why not? They are not accountable to rest of us full timers in my neighborhood.

My place was broken into by someone who stayed at it before using Airbnb.

One guest almost started a fire and had to be removed.

Checking in and out of airbnbs can be a bit of a nightmare. Everyone has their own process for checkin.

Airbnb destroying local real estate markets is no surprise. They've been doing it for several years and getting in trouble for it for several years.

Growth at all costs - no matter what it does to local markets or people's lives. I'm sure their impact on local economies is the least of their concern until the governments attached to those economies start to speak up.

I live next to an Airbnb that constantly has new people coming through and occasionally some music and I don’t have any problem with it. None of my neighbours have complained either and I know quite a few of them in the 3yrs I’ve lived here.

I guess your experience may vary depending on what type of place you have and what type of owner of the unit. It’s really not hard to filter out the idiots with the review system.

The people who I have met waiting for the elevator were always super polite when I see them and our walls are thick enough with concrete where I don’t hear the music unless I’m close to my living room wall, which is far from my bedroom.

The owner of the unit, an older retiree from the area with just the one unit AFAIK, was very polite and open about it too and gave me his number in case I had any problems (which I’ve never used). But 99% of them seem to be European or Chinese travellers, who at most occasionally need some help with our complicated fob system. It’s only rarely young people who are partying and if it is it’s always the weekend where I’m more tolerant.

Plus I’ll never forget how Airbnb saved me when I flew into SF last minute as a 20yr old and the only option was a $500 hotel or not sleeping that night, because my prior arrangement with someone fell through when they were unexpectedly out of town. I was fortunate to find an Airbnb guy who accepted my request at 9pm after I got out of the BART with a dying phone. I was literally preparing to spend the night in a park with my luggage. So I’m a bit biased regarding Airbnb and the alternate options without it (which no one seems to offer or care about in their calls to ban it).

As a counter-point, I lived in AirBnBs for over two years in places ranging from Morocco to France to Bulgaria, and had an almost universally positive experience.

It's long term renters that increase the probability of issues/squatting/ill-maintenance cropping up, and generally start a long term degradation of the neighborhood. Long term renters also seem to buy ridiculously overpowered audio systems, and run them in such a way that one can hear the thump-thump bass, a block away. Not to mention they often pack like sardines into a place, and then you have 4 or 5 autos per residence.

You are describing young, single people, not long-term renters.

"How dare those uncouth young people not abide by my arbitrary standards of class that I expect the neighborhood to meet"

I don't see why people are so bothered by what other people do. Any normal community is going to have people doing things and some of those things make noise, smell or sound.

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