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Keeper (YC W19) is hiring a founding engineer lead
on June 20, 2019 | hide
Hi HN!

Paul here, from Keeper (https://www.keepertax.com/). We are looking for a founding engineer & product development lead.

About Keeper: we're building an AI-assisted bookkeeper for people who can't afford one. Keeper monitors your credit card purchases and texts you when it identifies a tax deductible expense. We recently raised a seed round ($1.6M).

Both co-founders have technical backgrounds but neither has a real background in software. We've scraped by so far with our own code and the help of some contractors.


Characteristics that will likely make you a good fit:

- You want to do it your way - you've seen how engineering functions are structured at other companies and know you can do it better. This is your chance to prove that.

- You're a generalist, leaning towards backend development if you had the choice.

- You're not building technology for the sake of technology alone -- you are good at running meetings and coordinating people / contractors.

- You want to mentor other engineers. We will be hiring more product dev folks, and we'd like to be able to hire more junior "raw talent" types. That requires those people feeling confident that they will learn from you.


Comp: $100-$140k, 2-3%

Location: You should be willing to relocate to San Francisco. Sorry nomads, we love you but this isn't the role for you.

Cons: Neither David nor I can give you much technical mentorship. If you're at a stage in your career where you want to be mentored by a more senior technical leader, this isn't the role for you. You should be at a stage where you want to give back.


Interested? Send me an email at paul@keepertax.com

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