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In general folks working in in-demand areas of tech are pretty out of touch with how hard it is it "just quit" a job. If you're an engineer or data scientist making $200k+ then you very likely have some moderate savings to cushion you between jobs and will have no trouble finding a new job and getting a slight raise. If you make over $200k, you are getting that much because your skills are in demand and employers need to pay that much.

If you're making $30K you certainly don't have any kind of buffer to hold you over between jobs, and don't have skills that are attractive to employers. Even basic things like interviewing are much harder. An engineer or data scientist can pretty much disappear from their desk for an entire day and no one will ask questions, you don't need time off for an interview, and if you do you likely have tons of leave. Someone making 30k most likely has to give notice of vacation many weeks in advance, if they even have leave benefits at all. And because your skills are less in demand your interview success rate is going to be much lower so you'll need even more time to interview.

It's likely very hard for these people to find new jobs even if they hate their current one, they are probably happy just to have income.

You clearly only read the first line.

...of what? It seems to integrate well with both the parent comment and the article.

Given that you are the parent comment, is it so hard to read conversation like this as building on each other rather than an assumption of being relentlessly contrarian? This is needlessly hostile to someone who clearly agrees with you.

I read it as an attempted counter-argument, but I could have misinterpreted.

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