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The code samples look okay for me (did the author tweak the stylesheets?), but the text uses an 'engraved' look using CSS's text-shadow (like iOS Notes but a bit worse because of the serifs) which makes it a bit hard to read.

This is where browsers' reader modes really help. Is Chrome the only one now that doesn't natively support reader mode? Reader mode in Firefox made this much easier to read.

It's likely that you just don't happen to have the font then, "Gabriele Light Ribbon FG" here's a place to see samples of it. https://www.wfonts.com/font/gabriele-light-ribbon-fg

I have the font, and it looks readable to me.

I actually just didn't notice any difference in legibility and rather focused on the neat effect of the brushmarks around the div enclosing the code.

I kind of figured people would complain about this though---its an artistic sight, and not everyone is open to form over function.

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