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Isn’t that the entire point of higher order programming languages?

What are "higher order programming languages"? Did you mean "higher level programming languages"? If so, no, the point is that you can program more abstractly, almost always at the expense of performance.

EDIT: Downvoters, I'm terribly curious which of these points you disagree with? Do you believe higher level languages (like Python, JS, or even Go) are faster than lower level languages (like C, C++, etc)? Or do you believe that HLLs are actually faster (or meant to be faster) than LLLs? Or maybe you are downvoting because I don't know what a "higher order language" is?

The downvotes are because you have chosen to make an irritating pedantic point about word use when the meaning was entirely clear in context.

Wasn't trying to be pedantic; whatever is "entirely clear in context" is not entirely clear to me at all. Did he use a term that I'm unfamiliar with or did he use the term I'm familiar with in a way that is incongruent with my understanding?

Informally, there is no difference between higher order programming languages and higher level programming languages.

Thanks for the explanation; I hadn't heard that term before. :)

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