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There are LED 'dumb' TV's.

Where? Are they cost and quality competitive with "Smart" TV's?


Yes, that's a computer screen. But it's 43". That's what you want. (I have it in my living room and you couldn't tell the difference).

They won't be quality competitive with newer cheap smart TVs, which are all very good - they support 4K/wide color and have dynamic backlighting good enough for HDR.

If you insist on a dumb TV and are in Silicon Valley I'll sell you my Panasonic 1080p TV from ~7 years ago. It's got an IPS panel!

Nvidia has an initiative to get manufacturers to make G-Sync capable large displays.

Some of these are non smart but large.


My Samsung SyncMaster T27B300 is a good example. LED TV without "Smart" software.

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