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YC W11 Startup Social Network, 20M Pageviews in 6 Wks, Hiring Hackers/Designers
on Dec 18, 2010 | hide
We are a location based social network looking to "Connect the Unconnected world around you."

We are backed by YC (starting in January) and are looking to add team members NOW (designers and hackers) to be part of it from the ground floor.

In just 6 weeks since launch, we have over 20M pageviews (now over 1M a day and growing fast) and hundreds of thousands of daily uniques. Our virality index is higher than Facebook's in their fastest growth stage.

The founders have worked at Microsoft & Google and numerous startups before. They are top hackers, having been ranked #1 by TopCoder and have been ACM world finalists multiple times.

We are looking for rock solid programmers and designers, who are extremely scrappy and have a fire in the belly. The environment is extremely agile and we ship code almost every day into production. They have a close team who lives and works together in Palo Alto. Much of the infrastructure we are still building. We like people who are motivated by equity than salary, not because we can't pay salaries, but because we like ambitious people.

We use ruby on rails / mysql / memcached / jQuery / git. We are just getting our hands on some comet system.

Please email us if you are interested in learning more: relentlesshackers@gmail.com

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