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It's a bit of a messy bedroom. Ideally, I'd get some real software devs involved to rewrite it using a modern framework. This is just a pile of JS and some JQuery.

One thing of note is that there's no server-side services in this architecture. The browser does all of the work itself. Kind of remarkable when you think about it.

If you don't mind the sharing part, don't be embarrased about the quality of your source code. Quality will come from getting lots of eyes on it.

You made it actually happen, that is very special even if the code is a huge mess.

It's based of my previous project: https://github.com/bfeist/Apollo17

Whoa. The fist thing I thought was "damn, if this is what React can do I want a piece of that action and need to start learning it ASAP."

Isnt it great , you can accomplish all this, without react, just old J Query. Hats of to creator of the site.

I recently built a small web app in React for a special interest group. React, Redux, GraphQL, and all that. Partially to teach myself some new hotness (well, new hotness from three to five years ago). After several days of discovering and trying a lot of libraries, I’m pretty happy with the end result, and it probably is more maintainable, but I realized I could have done the same in jQuery for at most half the amount of time (of course to be fair, the percentage of time that went into the code driving the finished product was pretty low).

Also, I realized that the new hotness to me is already legacy to some. “Redux is the new jQuery”, they say (when talking about Relay or Apollo v2).

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