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This site is almost unbelievably great. Have you considered trying to contact the Smithsonian to see if they'd be interested in using it? I've never seen a more impressive interactive exhibit.

I have. They're not interested.

That's a shame (for them).

Your URL structure suggests you may be planning to do this for other Apollo missions, is that in the cards?

Edit: I see you've done this for Apollo 17 already on a different URL: https://apollo17.org/

Yes. I decided to no longer buy a domain name for each one after a cybersquatter swiped apollo11.org (like I have any money)

Who have you spoken to at SI? Don't let a pen pusher convince you that his view represents the organization

If you know the right people, please send them the URL

Stunning work, huge kudos to you, not just on concept but great execution/UI etc. My 14yo son is the most ridiculously keen space nut (the only teenager I know with a pdf of the Apollo manual on his phone) - he’s going to be very excited to see this.

I’m ex Head of Web at the Science Museum (London) and now run a company that works exclusively with museums. I’ll ping a few people: I know the curator of Space at SciM but also lots of museum web people. Just possible someone will know someone at the Smithsonian.

This is sadly typical from my own experience with institutions like that -- too many mini-kings and queens who are only interested in their own self-preservation and glory.

What is especially amazing, if you consider, that museums are all about exhibiting other people's work!

In defence of museums (who in my experience working with them for ~20 years) aren't like this at all - this is probably more a case of hitting up the wrong person at what is after all an enormous organisation...

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