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What he is doing is not legal at all. He's littering. He's defecating in public. He's tresspassing presumably in some instances. He's perhaps doing these drugs in public. All of these things can get him in trouble if a cop cited him.

However, the one thing that won't get him in trouble is just having heroin in his pocket. All the other problems you list are still illegal.

In Seattle the police have stopped arresting for public defecation, as the city won't prosecute it anymore, as they don't wish to give the homeless a criminal record. The police don't arrest for using drugs in public, as the city won't prosecute if it's a small amount. The police won't arrest for minor trespassing, they'll just ask them to move along, as the city has stopped prosecuting homeless for small indiscretions, and just release them the same day. I recently had a homeless person trespassing near my home, using drugs openly, and the real tough part of this was he was manically cackling and yelling late at night, so that we couldn't sleep. We called the police, and they just told him to go do it somewhere else.

It's effectively legal to trespass, scream, and use drugs openly in Seattle.

Now, in addition to the above, if someone has illicit narcotics, the police won't arrest them.

This has become a situation where our police, who want to do their job, are being effectively restricted.

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