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I mean, I can understand the training request - the US has a lot more "land we don't care about people flying over at mach 1.2" than Denmark does (which means you'd probably want to train there anyways) and if that's where there's already training infrastructure setup it would make sense not to duplicate it.

And if you're going to be training pilots... Shouldn't you do it on the exact config of F-35 that Denmark's buying? Which means a Danish F-35, which means leaving it in the US.

You have a warped view of world politics if you think countries are incapable of making their own decisions and need to be told what is best for them.

That aside, it's more or less common knowledge these days that the planes have not been delivered for all these years due to the production problems they are still having.

Esquire just did a piece just month mentioning that the plane starts to fall apart if it's flown too fast and the computer fails to detect if the plane is flying to fast about half the time.

This aircraft program still has a ways to go.

> You have a warped view of world politics if you think countries are incapable of making their own decisions and need to be told what is best for them.

We don't know what the "training in the US" requirement looks like, though. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just "you need to use Danish planes to train" + "we only have training facilities in the US, and if you want to bring your own that'll cost money". It has nothing to do with "Denmark can't make its own decisions", because as far as I'm aware that hasn't been alleged anywhere.

Denmark is so small, that most regular fighterpilot training, is already done in the US.. but having to pay billions for jets, that are then permanently in the US, is pretty bad. The high price, means we will have way fever than before.

You're leaving those training planes in the US by choice. If you wanted to do your own training in Denmark, go for it.

What a useless an arrogant response. Have a nice day

How is that useless or arrogant? Germany used to train with Phantoms and then Tornadoes in Arizona because they didn't want to fly combat training in their own airspace. Same with Italy, and many other countries. It's a wise decision since the Southwest of the US has wide open spaces where they can do elaborate training like Red Flag etc. What would be useless would be to pay a lot of money for fighters, then just have them sit on the tarmac collecting dust (like Germany has with Eurofighter).

Having a military costs money. Living up to treaty obligations like NATO costs money. Trying to have a military on the cheap just ends up with dead troops/pilots/sailors.

I wonder why Denmark doesn't buy land for training from India and offer their expertise to India in combating Chinese threat.

India also has lots of land.

The whole argument is BS, smaller countries than Denmark train in their own airspace, and Denmark has enough of sea and land to do regular training.

Most of India's land is pretty densely populated. I'm not sure if that's a deterrent

What? Denmark has all of Greenland!

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