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Have you ever looked at the IDIQs? The list of subcontractors is amazing. And, 20 states have received over $100M.. and only 4 states haven’t received any so far. Everyone is happy! Except the public and the soldiers, of course.

But, seriously, I’ve walked through some of these subcontractors sites. They’re often small businesses run by a politically connected ex-officer, a few revolving door phds (to establish their R&D creds), a disabled (or minority) vet, and a mass of warm bodies to pump money into the local economy. (Ironically most of the money goes to Walmart and eventually goes overseas).

Corruption conquers countries more often than war.

Due to the nature of the goods they sell a surprising amount of Walmart's supply chain is domestic. Basically anything that doesn't benefit from dirt cheap assembly labor or lax environmental regulations is produced domestically or in Canada/Mexico.

This is what always happens with government spending. When this is not the case the system only is in an unstable state and will eventually collapse into corruption.

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