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The F-111 is the right comparison class. It was supposed to do everything; got relegated to the role every failed airframe does: attack aircraft. Basically a shitty expensive bomber. Just as the F35 is. Dipshit Generals who are bribed with Lockheed jobs afterwords will try to convince you that's really what they wanted; it ain't. It is an egregiously failed weapons system, though an excellent piece of modern political corruption. Yay we have a plane that costs $300 a troy ounce which can be used to blow up cavemen in Afghanistan.

Something a cloth winged Sopwith Camel biplane from WW-1 would probably actually be better at; certainly more cost effective.

Nerds who are touting this turkey because "woo woo cool half million dollar vidya game helmet" ... y'awl make me want to renounce my citizenship. This turd can be defeated by a Russian tractor mechanic detuning his radar slightly.

Exactly, every ground attack air plane from WW2 with added flares would work fine.

Some in the Airforce recognized this and it lead to the light-attack aircraft competition.

But currently it's stopped, I guess there was not enough money in it and was killed by a competing faction in the Pentagon.

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