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Show HN: Never-Blink: Blink and Lose. An Online Web Game (github.com)
116 points by byronhsu1230 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 64 comments

Clever idea, and (thank heaven) an incredibly clear demo right on the home page. Well done! I kind of think this could be like the next 2048.

Thanks for your highly affirmation!

PR: never blink royale

Same game, many more players at one time.

Sorry, what did you mean?

There is a new trend on games – they are implementing "battle royale" genre where multiple gamers play against everyone at once and every "killed" player will leave the arena. Winner is who stayed as the last "alive" person.

PUBG probably was the first popular PC game that was battle royale. Fortnite is currently most played battle royale

Uh, what about Team Fortress 2 (King Of The Hill maps)?

TF2 doesn't have any BR modes. KOTH is a standard arena shooter mode, with teams and respawning; "KOTH" only signifies that the objective is to control a static area in the middle of the map.

The closest that TF2 gets to a BR is its "deathmatch" or "elimination" mode, I don't remember the name, in which there is no respawning and the last person standing wins. However, this is very different from a BR; the maps are still tiny, there is no loot to upgrade your character, and there is no "circle", which is a wall of damage that shrinks to force the remaining players to move towards each other rather than staying put.

Usually in TF2, there's teams and respawning.

It is a really great idea!

OMG That is so cool!!

For something that might be more applicable to your application, check out Tetris 99, which is a battle royale version of Tetris that Nintendo released earlier this year. Not only does it encapsulate an interface that might work better, but it also (as I understand it) thas mechanics to link you to other players in the set so there's a bit of 1-on-1 competition where people affect each other within the larger competition to last the longest.

I can imagine this being pretty fun if, for example you could also perform some task (answer a trivia question, move the mouse through a maze, etc) that might affect others (such as blank their video feed for a few seconds, or flash it white, or apply a weird color filter). The attention and concentration might make people forget to not blink, and the altering off opponents visuals could throw them off as well.

> Same game, many more players at one time.

Instead of two players competing head-to-head, you could have many players connected to the same page, all competing.

For anyone looking for a link to a live site to play it:

> Becausee the detector is too slow and weak, we can not endure too many clients. Therefore, we do not deploy it to a public server now. We plan to train a robust and fast model in the future.



However I assume I could out-blink the framerate of a laptop webcam ;)

Does closing one eye at a time count, or is this like Doctor Who and we just ignore the concept of winking?

You can't, and that's demonstrated in this thing I made for fun: https://youtu.be/xzcdopwq7ok

A frame is 40 ms and you blink for more than 100.

Too much effort. Just print out a picture of a person with open eyes.

At that point it's really just the honor code that holds us to honesty.

Add heartbeat detection to verify the person is alive. [1] has one example, Google "use webcam to detect heartbeat" to find more.

[1] https://github.com/thearn/webcam-pulse-detector

Add gaze tracking and have people look at a randomly moving dot.

While entering captcha codes every 10 seconds

This is so useful!


Not everything is a soapbox for your pet hate, man. People are just sharing cool things you can do with webcams and computer vision.

Please don't be personally rude on HN. Your comment would be fine with just the second sentence.


Cool. I should have just flagged and moved on.

Measurement of other minute facial feature movements besides blinking to detect whether it's a real person vs picture or other video?

I think we've just discovered the real use for Apple's Face ID. Staring contest video games.

>Does closing one eye at a time count

Bah, I just tried it and it did not alleviate my urge to blink! I still want to blink afterwards. Does work it for you?

I imagine drawing eyes on your eyelids would be enough.

Will need some kind of anti-cheating system

Yes we will think about it. Thx.

Trying to fool the blink detector might end up being more fun than not blinking.

That's true. lol

Do you really need it though? It would be pretty immediately obvious to the other player that their opponent is cheating.

The detector model now is not strong enough. It uses traditional computer vision concept to detect the blinking. We plan to combine deep learning to develop a more robust detector model in the future.

Also, to address winking: you could define blinking as a sequence of winks. This should accommodate people with 1 eye blind though.

Wait, do blind people win this 100%?

Do blind people not blink?

Edit: Figured I could look this up myself. As I thought, yes, they blink - blinking clears particles and such from your eyes. (That is, unless they have trauma that prevents them from blinking, of course.)

Thanks, I didn't think to look it up. I must have recalled a case where the person had such trauma and extended that to blind people in general.

We need a version which allows players to eat a sugary doughnut without licking their lips.

There are two private RSA keys in the repository. That may be intentional, but it's usually not a good idea.



What are the chances I'll end up maintaining intense, unwavering eye contact with someone doing something lewd in half of their screen?

Where is our computer vision if it can't even recognize cocks?

Looks like this drew some downvotes, but it gets a +1 from me. Reliable realtime "censoring" in video chat platforms _not intended for sexual content_ would make informal video chat a lot more user friendly. I'd totally video chat with random strangers, that sounds fun. I'd join a video chat group hangout (Hacker New Live, haha) but I'd prefer everyone kept their pants on. Doubly so if I'm going to join this chat at work or in public.

Given what I know about the internet, this would promptly be subject to groups of users constantly testing it to see what they could get away with before it's the recognizer catches up.

hey, that's machine learning baby. Sounds to me like it's a successful market.

The thought of recruiting beta testers for such a service ...

This is probably the result of poorly labeled training data.

I always get labeled as a dick. It might be because I look like I a mushroom, since I'm just a fun guy.

Quick edit since I just wrote a dumb joke: This actually looks insanely fun and is something I would share with non-tech people if it was hosted somewhere one day.

Hot dog or not hot dog.

This brings back many a bad (and hilarious) memory of Chat Roulette.

This is awesome! I couldn't help but think that this needs to be implemented in a chat-roulette style application. Blink and you're thrown out to the next person.

Implementing a chat-roulette style application will bring chat-roulette style problems.

but blinking is faster than clicking the 'Next' button when someone surprises you with their 'goods'!

This idea is awesome! Thanks a lot. We may add it to our features in the future!

Cool concept. Some blink trivia, if you're playing to win: ;-)

Don't play against young children.[1]

Do play against women taking birth control.[2]

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/223495

[2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7822673

Has potential as a mobile app?

Yes. Instagram has proposed "flappy bird" not long before. We though that we can use the same technique to launch a mobile version.

That look like a lot of fun. Short simple fun.

I'd love this as a game/app to battle people on my contact list and keep high scores.

It seems that we can cooperate with messenger or line!

Nice and fun concept! You can easily create a game with this concept.

The BBC created a game using this mechanic a couple of years ago, based around Doctor Who's Weeping Angels: https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/doctorwho/entries/593c6730-9491-...

Thanks for your sharing!

Better put a legal notice about potential health implications, or you may get into troubles.

Clearly a Theranos pivot.

Which part of this idea is impracticable?

Oh. Why?

Because Elizabeth Holmes never blinked!

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