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This also assumes they know that this technique is being used. Seeing this news here doesn't mean it's common knowledge or reported on in Saudi Arabia.

Mmm no, it doesn't assume that. It'll still work even if you don't know you're being tracked.

If you don’t know the phone is tracking you, how do you decide to leave the phone at home?

Well you might forget it or decide you don't want it anymore for unrelated reasons, thereby inadvertently solving the problem of being tracked, that you didn't know you had!

I've been taking you literally, just for giggles, but I actually get what you're talking about. But I only said the solution to being tracked is to separate from the phone. You're saying that's not a good solution to the problem because it doesn't also solve the (I would say separate) problem of making people aware of itself. But most solutions are like that. If you don't know about light bulbs, you can't decide to use them, therefore light bulbs are a bad solution to darkness? No, they solve darkness just fine; they just don't solve "awareness of light bulbs" very well.

Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying - our wires got crossed between literal and practical. I wonder how often this happens to me when the other party isn’t aware or willing to call that out :)

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